Mounted Decoy.


“The Mounted Decoy”

Mike Hughes Storie


It all started one day when I was thinking about new things to try on our coyotes. I just happened to go downstairs in my basement and seen my old fox mount a friend had mounted many years back.

The thought hit me like someone turned on a light switch…..why not try to use this as a decoy? So me being who I am decided to get opinions from some of my facebook groups. Most of the replys were people saying it wouldn’t work, but one day I decided to try it. I can only imagine people’s thoughts as they passed me on the highway that day, seeing that ole growling fox sittin pretty in the back seat.

Anyway, I arrived at my location and set up my stand, realizing I really needed an extra set of hands to help me, ( gun, call and fox mount). I got the extra help to set up and finally got the fox set out to maybe 75 meters in front of me. I got all set in my stand, placed the caller out in front of me and began letting howls rip through the air. I had been calling maybe 5 minutes when I heard a bark off to my right.

As I slowly turned to look there he was on a dead run. I managed to get a shot off about 5 yards before he got to the little red fox otherwise that poor decoy was in for a woopin. I have not tried this again since that day to see if it was a fluke or it was the real deal but have plans for the next season to give her a go. This time with video camera in hand. Next time you think of something, give it a try…

Mike Hughes story1

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Only one true way to find out. Good luck to all and shoot straight! 



Mike Hughes.