This simple safety idea needed help, so using the huge following from the Countryman’s Diary magazine, we pushed and 3 years later we are still pushing this simple idea to help create a safer environment in the field-sports world and other areas of the countryside to.

From mountain bikers to horse riders and ramblers and more the Gun-ICE is being worn and carried with pride, the simplest way to allow emergency medical staff your details following on from an accident.

From concept to production and sponsorship the Diary helped smooth the roads ahead. using their connections in the trade they gained a following and used the Pr workings to help with the launch at the British Shooting show held at Stonleigh park in the Midlands. In 2014 they went live with a full Pr event at the show.

Marketing was a huge success and the Gun-ICE team were pushed all 3 days to keep up with the huge demand for this simple idea.

We want to thank Diary~Media for the continued support on this great idea.




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