Diary Media.

This is the home of Diary Media, a fresh new PR firm with old school values. Gone are the days of you handing your business over to a huge corporate firm, only to be lost in the tech world. Come and join us, a small firm with a big heart.

We are here to promote you, not us. From bespoke crafts to field sports items, we can help you get noticed through the power of social media – working with you instead of against you.

We value your views and knowledge in your chosen fields and understand the PR side of the Internet, and your customers.

We aim to use the social side of the Internet to our full advantage, not just 1 or 2 sites, but many – as we run a handful of Facebook pages and groups. In addition to Twitter and Instagram accounts and much, much more, using a mix of working reviews and practical demos to brand your products across the WWW, reaching more audience faster and easier.


From sales to IT we are experienced in all aspects, so if you need to promote individual items or a job lot to get it out, to your customers, we can handle it all.

We also co-own between us 6 websites so that’s even more PR for your company.



Using our mantra of:

New School Rules ~ Old School Values.

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Please do contact us via our Email:Diarymedia@outlook.com

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