Mac Wet gloves

Mac wet gloves review.


This company is run by Bob and Andrew and what very nice chaps they are.
These gloves are used by sportsmen and women all around the globe.
From international hunters and target shooters to show jumpers and 3 day event competitors.

Now for the test, they claim to have “ Protecting hands from the elements, the new Climatec ® glove range has been developed for cooler weather wear. As well as their unique Aquatec ® fabric ensuring superb grip and sensitivity, the Climatec ® gloves offer increased warmth and comfort with wind proof, water resistant and fleece lined material on the back of the glove.”



So I put them to the test country boy style, along with wearing them out on my rather soggy permission as you will see from some of the pics, I also did a wet freeze test.

This was a bowl of water with a load of ice cubes in, taking the temperature down to a chilly  6°c.
I took my temperature before the test and was 33°c  which was an average inside the glove against the back of my hand.

So I did it at 10 mins a test. as it seem to be all hypothermia tests are marked in 10 min intervals.
So with water at 6°c and myself at 33°c I took the plunge and waited 10 mins.


As you can see from the pics My temperature fell from, 33°c down to 20°c after 10 mins not happy with that I stayed submerged for another 10. till it was then  reading 16°c so I pulled my hand out, squeezed it clenched to loose any excess water and waited a further 10 mins, as if I was out in the fields, my temp then climbed to a toasty 24.6 °c and I removed the glove.
Then waited 5 mins and took the temp of my palm and it was reading 25.5°c.
So I think I was better off staying in the glove..


According to the research I found online, any water below 15°c is dangerous!
As hypothermia kicks in around this temp.
I was surprised the gloves did keep my hands so warm as they are made from a thin material.
They kept grip while being wet which I confirmed in my soggy field tests.

Out in the fields they performed fantastically, they grip any surface as you apply pressure, and don’t slip or slide like some gloves do.

I also went out on my good friends rough shoot, all day in really cold and frosty conditions. And could easily load and unload the old 12 bore, with them on.
Loading my .22 rim fire was also  a breeze As they feel like a second skin.


So to sum up these gloves:

Would I spend the £29,99 asking price ?
Yes, I would and this is the specs.

    65% Polyamide 31% Polyurethane 4% Elastane
    1 pair per pack
    Thick elasticated cuff with Velcro fastening, glove rests just above wrist
    Lightweight sports glove
    Warm, fleece lined backing
    The palm is made from unique Aquatic ® material



Very light weight, skin feel touch even using my smart phone was easy as my finger registered the controls through the glove.
I can feel the trigger, load safely and unload just as easy. grip any surface.
And even in a crisp air temp of 4°c out shooting, i was warm and comfy from my wrists to my finger tips, a big bonus when enjoying Mother Nature.

The only thing I would of liked is a tighter fit on my thumbs, as they were slightly to long by maybe 3 mm. but that’s the only fault I can find, all stitching was 1st class, and I think I have some new shooting gloves for a very long long time.

You will find the complete range of gloves here.