Logun mk2


Caliber    177,22 Weight    7.8lbs. 3.5k Trigger    2 stage adjustable Length    40”.101 cm Power    12.0ft lbs. Power on test    11.7ft lbs. Safety     Manual, resettable Sadly no longer in production, as Logun folded a while ago. The MK2 is the pinnacle of hunting guns. Heavy, long, rock steady on aim, and recoilless. The bolt operates the loading port and indexes another pellet into the chamber. Closing the bolt closes the loading port and pushes the pellet into the breach ready to fire. The one thing I and many other users have found is the magazine channel can only use Crossman premiers or webly accupel pellets. The only downsides are you’re stuck with one brand of pellet, and there are a few rifles that need the muzzle facing downhill for the loading mechanism to work. Otherwise you will not load anything except air.

The rifle on test was lent to me by Mr S Luscombe. It’s his main hunting tool. And loves it to bits. Happy shooting quarry out at 40 yards all day long. The trigger was set just right with a very crisp let off. Placing pellet on pellet at 30 yards and 35.Due to family commitments I did get chance to take her out hunting. But on the test bench she shot smooth and sweet. The weight is there but not at all noticeable when in the shoulder to load the rifle. You draw back the loading probe and lock in to the keeper slot. Insert 10 pellets nose first into the slide and close the probe which returns under spring pressure. to load the rifle simply lift the chunky stainless steel bolt pull it back which opens the loading port to the left and as you push the bolt home it closes the port and loads the pellet into the breach. You’re now ready to fire. To sum up it looks too long to shot but it works, it feels heavy but in the shoulder it’s very comfy. If you can find one in good condition buy it. Just remember that Logun don’t exist anymore and Webly don’t do spares for it but there are still companies on the net who do. They do hold their value so be prepared to pay good money for them.  Countryman’s score 8/10 The countryman. LOGUN MK2 Rifle kindly supplied by Mr S Luscombe. Chronoscope supplied by www.chronoscopes.com