Licensed to kill.

The name is Pard designated with the 007 status, licensed to kill. Well it’s going to sit on the back of your scope and look dam good.

This unit was kindly supplied by our good friends over at the Optics-Warehouse.


Unfortunately Rob disagrees with some tech as it makes his eyes go funny, then the old fart can’t see, then trips over stuff, then has to get the zimmer frame out.

Myself on the other hand I love this modern shooting world, yes I remember car spotlights and motorbike batteries in ice cream containers on Dads big belt, wrapped around twice, dripping acid all over our clothes, wires everywhere, uggh those were the days.

Now we have Nite-Site and X-sights and a rather shiny new toys on the market, including this one the Pard 007 night vision unit. Taken from the military style of add-on it just marries up to a collar on the rifle scope and a ¼ twist locks it into place.

This unit actually looks good, I’ve seen some terrible ideas over the years from add-ons nearly 12 inches long to things that need the Rock to carry it for you.

So what we have is a digital imager, or a video camera that clips on to your scope, but its more than that, at just under 6 inches long and 4 high with a width of just 2 inches, its a small and compact unit.

Its in an anodized black so looks really good its matt finish is perfect for the fields as it won’t shine as much as a gloss finish.

So I have had this unit for a while and I have not include any kill footage for a reason. (There is loads on the net already).

So I have made a video-view and its included in the bottom of this article, its got some treats in it too.

So back to the review and I own a Nite-site, and a X-sight, and love both in my armory but I think this might be joining them too, you see I can see the simple pleasure of owning a unit that is completely free from itself, the X-sight is bolted to the rifle and has to be zeroed every time, the Nite-Site has 4 parts and power wires, this Pard is just the unit, and a mounting collar which is fitted to the scope and locks with 2 screws on 2.5mm Allen heads, the other advantage of the Pard is its use as a spotter, because its an add-on it now becomes even more useful to its owner, the special treat footage I mentioned earlier was taken at 20 yards from them, and they didn’t mind me there much either way..

I can also see this as a security application too, from normally patrolling guards at factories and industrial estates to close protection guys.

This unit fits into most pockets yet can see 200+ yards in the pitch dark, has a colour/ day mode, 4 times digital zoom, and 4 ir settings weighs in at 250g, and rated for use on calibers up to .308. Now that’s impressive.!

So I tried this on my fac air rifle the Hatsan galatian and also my trusty 22lr, and then up the ante and stuck behind my Ruger American 243, with its already impressive Bushnell banner 6x24x50 scope and as you will see from the daytime footage on the video its clear and clean at 6x zoom it didn’t need any more the video shows a field running down to the river and is around 230 yards to the bottom, as you might see the footage is clear and as soon as I stop moving its sharp and easy to place the cross hairs where I would need them.

So I went to my local sports area to test the unit, as you will see in the video, and boy oh boy, did it impress me, at 100 yards which is the length of a football pitch, the unit stood up the the testing of its settings, there is ir off- on1 – on2-on3-and off. On setting 1 it light up the goal area like daylight, it has an adjustable ir lens, you can slide it in and out for a zoom function, bit like some torches have.

But here is the thing, zoomed in it actually whites the target out so it can no longer be viewed. The ir light is far to intense so I un-zoomed it and carried on, the other 2 settings add more light but it didn’t need it.

The rest of the footage was filmed on ir one, bar one segment when the multiple treats get up, as I was looking for an injured treat and wanted to show it.

So back to the pitch, I got the footage at 100 yards, so pushed back to 200, and the ir just carried on, I have seen a few recommend different ir units but I couldn’t fault this on at all.

Its recommend like most NV gear to have a scope with parallax adjustment on it, what happens and this unit is a good example of that, you mount the unit to your scope, allowing for the locking system so you need a bit of overhang on the collar.

Then you insert the unit at 10 O’clock and twist to 12 and it clicks in place, you need to adjust the front ocular wheel to get a crisp image of you X-hairs, this is best done against a dull background like a wall or sky if safe and unloaded. Then you adjust the front wheel which is very sensitive, until you image you are viewing becomes clear now this is where you need the parallax to then bring the image to crystal clear.

It takes a few goes to get it spot on I found as the unit is very well made and with that is a tad on the sensitive side but rather too much than not enough…

So this unit retails for around £399.99 or £400 English pounds, and I think its worth every penny, it even has built in Wi-Fi so you can connect a tablet or phone to it.

So I only have one gripe and that is the tape, the unit is not sent with any shims, just a baby roll of electrical tape, this stuff is 1cm wide and 3 across , they do make plastic shims but they want to charge up to £5 each for some plastic collars.

Please Pard add them to the set, it might not look much to you but it makes life so much better.

Image thanks to

I couldn’t get on with the insulation tape, as the collar was sliding on it, so opted for a bit of duct tape and trimmed it to fit. And it worked as duct tape has more grip than electrical tape.

So that is my only moan about this unit, and I really cant fault anything else on it, from wildlife watching, and security work, to hunting and sharing the thrill of the field with friends and family as it records in full 1080p and is done via a long press of a button, still images are a single press and all other options are a 1 press or a long press, and with a detailed internal menu system, it also has a neat trick it runs 18650 batteries, but its a flat positive one, look at image.

But to save battery life you can double tap the power button a few times to activate sleep mode then it just a case on tap the power button to wake it up, very handy..

Max scope eye bell diameter 48mm

Includes 50mm eye relief extension/DSA

Video resolution:1920*1080

Photo resolution:2680*1944

Eyepiece resolution:800*600

Transmission Method:Wi-Fi

IR power:5w

1mw laser

Storage type:TF Card

IR wave length:850nm

Output type:AVI

Built in IR up to 200m

Battery:18650 x1(flat topped 18650 included)


Up to 8h battery life

Frame rate:30fps

Dimension:106*97*47 +50mm

Weight: 250g

Would I buy a unit, I think its on the cards I think I’m going to raiding the piggy bank soon.

A quick note, it records in AVI format, so no fancy players or readers needed. Yes..

Video-view below..