Legends at War

Legends at War

                     Legends at War, On Rats

           Review: By The Ole Hedge Creeper

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When I first had a whisper Phil Smalley from One Life Productions (http://www.onelife-productions.com/) was starting to put together yet another ratting DVD I got all excited, You see I have reviewed his entire range of simply awesome hunting DVD’s from the knowledge of hunting right up to the knowledge of ratting and everything in between, I telle those dvd’s are some of the best this ole country boy has ever seen and WOW the knowledge of ratting really gets your heart racing as there is nothing I love better than ratting with terriers except for traditional ferreting that is.

dave radford

So the phone rang one day and it was Phil saying if I send the new DVD down would I like to review it? I tried not to sound too excited with an oh well if you want to send it I will cast my eye over it when I get time sort of approach, The fact that I was hiding my excitement as to send it now fast as you can carrier pigeon jet plane I don’t care get it here, And that coupled with my Young Sports excitement of Ohhhhh yes another ratting dvd really did get this ole boy excited, I have yet to take them ratting with terriers and my ratting DVD’s are almost worn out from the Young Sports watching them.

The morning the DVD arrived I had some gypsy friends around we were just about to go ferreting on one of my permissions with a rabbit problem, So I made them my famous heart attack fry up on a plate and put the DVD on, By golly we were all transfixed and well when the ladies ratting came on well boys will be boys is all I will say as the ratting sort of took second place as it were.

knowlage of hunting pack

My Young Sports watched the DVD later that day and all they could talk about was when can we go ratting with terrier’s? Alas I don’t have terrier’s at the moment due to personal circumstance’s and the rats we have around here are so heavily poisoned I will not take a pack of terrier’s hunting them for there is a chance the dogs will get poisoned, I learnt my lesson a fare few years ago when I lost my entire court of ferret’s due to rats and poison, So for now no ratting with terrier’s for my young sports unless we get invited out by a local rat pack etc, So we will stick to shooting them with the NiteSite (www.nitesite.com) Wolf and Walther RM8 air rifle for now.

knowlage of hunting pack back

The next time I watched the DVD was with some clients who were over for a hunting weekend with me and my company Really Wild Adventures ( www.reallywildadventures.co.uk ) who organise everything from hunting trips both in the UK and abroad to stag and hen parties and corporate activities to birthday parties with a difference and oh so much more take a look at my website and see for yourself.

Again these boys loved the ratting we also loved the bare knuckle boxing part with The Legend that is Dave Radford, Dave is a true warrior and those that have fought him are still hearing bells, Then the ladies ratting bit came on and well as with my gypsy friends boys will be boys and although we enjoyed the ratting the conversation was concentrated on the ladies Hmmmmm and how good ratters they were.

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My Final words on this awesome DVD it’s a must for anyone with a passion for ratting with Terrier’s and WOW what a great follow on from The Knowledge Of Ratting, I can thoroughly recommend all of Phil’s DVD’s at One Life Productions so what are you waiting for get over and buy some now you won’t be disappointed, I am thinking of stocking them in my shop that’s how good they are to pass my Ole Hedge Creepers thumbs up seal of approval.

ladies ratting

Review by The Ole Hedge Creeper

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