Landowner revenge


A few weeks ago I got a call from a local resident who wanted to get rid of a few coyotes on his property!
Like any other predator hunter, I love it when this happens! For one it confirms my reputation is doing it’s job and that my name is being suggested when a coyote problem is mentioned and two, it is more property to hunt!
Well I set up the typical meet and greet and get a tour of the property. As we are touring the property and start talking he tells me why he called me. About a year before one of their terriers went missing. Since the pup regularly followed them to their daughters house thru the woods they did not get concerned right away. But after it wasn’t seen all day they started searching.
It wasn’t long until they found the remains and it was quite obvious that the pup had been attacked and since coyotes were prevalent in the area it was assumed they were responsible.
Well they wrote it off as a part of living in the country. They kept a closer eye on their other pup and even built it a grand kennel so it could get some safe outside time. About a month ago, while emptying it’s bladder before bedtime, their remaining terrier was attacked and killed and this time they did not have to assume that it was a coyote.

They even had to wash their pup’s blood off of the driveway!
This God fearing family man, who was understandably emotional while telling the story, wanted revenge! He turned to me and said, “This may seem a bit weird or morbid but I want to see it when you kill one”!
I told him I would be honored to help and had no problem sharing a successful hunt with him!

So I formulate a game plan and when the weather is right I make a few stands in the morning. On the second stand I am set up on a fence row overlooking the largest open field on the place. It is approximately 250 yards square and borders a large planted pine thicket. They are a couple of years old so they are still pretty thick.
After about 20 minutes of calling I see movement . It is a coyote and it is the furthest away it could be and still be visible. It came out in the far corner from me and is about 230 yards out. It is cautiously following the fence row but it keeps looking back as if there is another coyote with it.I had one spot where I could have taken a straight on shot at about 220 yards but I think I wanted to try to make sure for the sake of the landowner. It gave me no signs or red flags so I decided to let it come in some. If it just continued down the fence row it could get close to 150 yards away and should present me with a broadside shot.
I hit a couple of distress squeaks on the Double Buck diaphragm from Reese Outdoors and it takes a few more steps but it now leaves the fence row. It stops again facing head on and then looks back to the fence row. I now start to think it may be getting a bit concerned and consider taking the shot.
Well of course this is when it decides to retreat and it turns back toward the woods and trots off. I hit some ki-yis on the howler in my other cheek and it turns back for one last look, But at this point it is closer to 240 yards and I can now only see the top of it’s head.
I decide to not risk educating this one and leave it to be hunted another day.
It was not a proud moment when the land owner came out when I returned to my truck.

So fast forward two weeks to this past Friday!
The wind is right so I set up a night hunt.
My allergies are acting up but I hope to be able to see long enough to get in a couple of stands.
The first set is about 100 yards from the landowner’s house on a clear fence row to the west overlooking a draw that I found a bunch of signs in during the tour. I believe they are using this draw to access their property. I have permission to hunt the neighboring property as well..
About 25 minutes in with no response I let out a LOUD sequence on the Double Buck diaphragm.
I swing around to check my 6 and, as if it just left the land owner’s front porch, there is a coyote making it’s way to the fence row I am on. I swing around my rifle on the Caldwell Field pod and hit it with the light!
Now at about 45 yards and circling, I let out a bark to stop it, lined up the cross hairs and sent a round!
Bang! Thwack! Flop!
Coyote down!

It was a small female weighing in at 28lbs 1oz and she had a touch of mange!
The landowner and his wife both came out to view the convicted criminal!

While I was setting up for and taking photos the coyote bleed all over the tailgate and down onto the driveway.
I apologized to the  landowner but he reassured me it was okay!
He said it was only fitting that it’s blood was now on his driveway!