Knowledge of Hunting

Knowledge of Hunting.

Here at The Countryman’s Diary Magazine, we are asked to try out and promote all sorts of gear from top of the range hunting equipment to guns to lamps to some pretty strange things too. One thing we get a lot of are Field sports Related DVDs some are good some are ok, and some well, get sent back with a note saying  Johnny needs to try harder or something along those lines…
Now The Ole Hedge Creeper was asked could I cast my eye over these new DVDs From onelife-productions entitled The Knowlage Of Hunting. Now I am not one for watching TV or listening to the radio or even reading a newspaper, as its all pretty much the same rubbish all of the time, so for me if I do watch something its either agricultural, fieldsports or conservation related or possibly cooking.
So asking me to cast my eye over a set of new Hunting DVD’s I was more than happy to do so and boy oh boy was I happy, I got to see these from a top mucker Phill Smalley who himself is a proper countryman of the old school and hails from the great North of this awsom country that I call ENGLANDSHIRE.
Phil had this to say when I interviewed him about the DVD’s and how it all started at
We started filming 20 years ago while Bream fishing in Ireland, since then we have taken it to another level in making DVD’s for the pubic, introducing factual,tutorial and action packed films
.Our aim is to keep our country sports and the way of life alive.Introducing experts and true characters along the way. To maintain good honest DVD,s and taking it from the fields to the chair you might say. So even the youngsters get to view and understand the code of good practice before they ever venture out into the field, this is why we at One Life Productions stand firmly behind the beliefs and motto of Pass It On Young Sports as they say TOGETHER WE CAN INSPIRE…
Phil Smalley (Owner)
One Life Productions
Now the first DVD is entitled The Knowledge Of Hunting part 1 it covers a vast range of traditional skills, from Air rifle hunting both day and night to Ferreting and even ratting with Plumber Terriers. A day on a chicken farm when they catch well over 500 rats with these tenacious little Plumbers,
The one thing that really caught my eye in this heart stopping DVD was something I had never seen done before.
 Well that was using ferrets to bolt squirrels to the gun, I telle I was on the edge of my seat as my hunting genes kicked in, the whole DVD had me right there with them.This squirreling was fast action sport, if I say so myself and really got the adrenalin pumping apart from the rest of this awesome DVD that really made it for me and well I must have watched this 20 times now and love it every time.
DVD number 2 in the series is entitled The Knowledge Of Snaring And Ferreting,
I couldn’t wait to see this one if it was as good as the first DVD from these guys as traditional rabbit control for me is a real passion, above every other field-sport, Tradional ferreting being the one I love the most and I telle boys and girls, I was not disappointed with this DVD, Although a little slow to start, the action soon kicked in and again had me out there in the field with them running the long nets laying the purse nets and running the the dogs as well as laying and checking the snares etc. I must admit I really did enjoy this one as it took me back to my child hood hunting with my Pappy (grandad) and the rest of my family.
DVD number 3 The Knowledge Of Ratting and again with the tenacious Plumber Terriers and as the title says its action packed ratting mania, wall to wall as the rats bolt, the terriers fly in like bolts of lightening dispatching rat after rat, Both day and night hunting with the terriers on the lamp now thats a new one on me and now want to give that a go myself. Actually the more I watch these Plumbers in action, the more I want a pair in my kennels as they really have caught my eye in a big way. This is one of the best ratting DVDs I have seen to date and the hooking out of rats out of walls with a special tool that’s awesome I telle, I wont tell you anymore as I don’t want to tell you the best bits what I will say is get the DVD’s and see for yourself, I am now looking into a fine pair of Plumber pups as I write this…
Now we get to DVD number 4 in the series entitled The Knowledge Of Chickens, Cobs And Running Dogs. This took me back to my youth when as a young man I would help my uncle on his farm with the Gypsy Cobs Game Cocks and a passion he instilled in me for the running dog, Those of you that have read my article about Running Dogs rabbits and Romanies will know what I mean.
This DVD took me back to the Gypsy fairs of my youth as I wandered back through the sands of time remembering my old Cobs, Big Bold Blaze with the heart of lion and as soft as kitten my Arm Chair of a Cob Ole George and my sweet Polly, This DVD took me back as I smiled with a tear in my eye.
Then there were the game cocks and boy they brought back some memories too some good and some well hysterical, as my uncle would call them. This DVD really passes on some knowledge as well as some of the finest animals I have ever seen with some proper characters too.
Then there were the running dogs and well I could write a book about the memories this DVD brought back, and well one day I might as this DVD should grace the collection of every true countryman who loves traddition in its purest sense. With some amazing interviews and real life characters that are now a dying breed this is a collection of DVDs for the traveling man to the countryman.
My Final words are this set of DVDs has The Ole Hedge Creepers seal of approval or a massive thumbs up as quite simply they do what it says on the tin boys, In fact I am going to get a gallon of cider in light the log fire and watch the set all over again as its blowing a hooly outside and the rain is coming down side ways
Its all proper job I telle boys.
New Hunting DVDs from One Life Productions Promotion
All dvd’s run about and hour and are priced between £12 and £17 pounds.
Rob Collins. aka The ole Hedge Creeper.