Katch-it Traps.

We are proud to announce that we are now the  South West and Wales regional distributors for Katch-it traps.

Listed below are some of the outstanding traps they stock,  we only rate products if we use them and have run them through our strict tests and we must say these beat us hands down.

Tough reliable and always working for you these traps really do Katch-it.

The high grade clam trap best used as a pre baited trap for corvids.

The single catch squirrel trap, quarry is captured alive .

Single catch rabbit traps, we have been known to catch more than one at a time.

Multi catch squirrel trap, bait it upside down for a week, then when the bait goes fast flip the trap.

Our own take on the Larsen trap, rugged and great construction.

Our tree mounted fenn trap in a cage, we like some peanut butter or maize as bait.

Our multi catch rat trap, great at the stables or in the feed barn.

Our fantastic fox trap, it looks large but we have found that’s the optimum size.

All these and so many more product available from the main Katch-it website.

We also have a selection of instructional videos. Link:




Please note that all traps must be checked at a very minimum of every 24 hours as a requirement of law. Failure to do so could result in prosecution. We at Katch-it advise all pest controllers to check their traps at a very minimum of twice daily for both animal welfare and trapping success.

*This trap should only be used for the live capture of Foxes.

*The law dictates that the trap must be secured to the ground, for this purpose, our traps come supplied with ground anchors to prevent any movement once sited.

*If you are trapping in Scotland you must have a tag affixed to each trap with your authorised user number clearly visible.

Katch-it accepts no responsibility for users who use this trap illegally and/or irresponsibly. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are using it legally and in conjunction with the terms of the general license.