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J P Angling a Fisherman’s Dream
                               By The Ole Hedge Creeper


I first met John Pickford (the Governor as he is called) that’s the JP in JP Angling at a Pass It On Young Sports annual fishing match, John had sponsored the match for 2 years now, this was my first time actually meeting the man himself as the match was always organized by one of my PIO fishing coaches you see, from our very first meeting I could see we were brothers of a kin both having very similar child hoods and both of us growing up in the same areas of the city of Bristol.


Right from the start we chatted like old friends relaying tales of our youths of monster fish and battles fought, well they were monsters in the eyes of a kid at the time, as the years went on he carried on his fishing and progressed to a great level, I however although still fished widened my field sports from fishing to hunting and shooting, but John never deterred from his fishing passion and the dream of owning his own shop one day, he now has fulfilled that dream and both John and I use the same code the code of a countryman, that is From A Tiny Acorn Doth The Mighty Oak Grow.


John has planted that acorn in the fertile soil of Kingswood in Bristol, and from humble beginnings with no more than a few feet in an indoor market area in less than a year has grown more than 300% proving his passion to succeed in his dream, The Governor as the locals call him stands testament to his customer service his knowledge of fishing and his huge stature not only physical but also well respected by his peers, here’s what John himself had to say about how his dream his acorn was born.


As a young boy I loved nothing more than wetting a line and drowning a few maggots, even though actually catching fish was rare for me back then it never put me off as if I did catch even a monster roach of 2oz it was a monster to this kid. as I got older my passion grew along with my catch rate that fired my passion further as I dreamed about owning my own tackle shop,


Even as an adult though this was a fantasy a dream a passion that I was never brave enough to actually go for, that was until early 2014, I was working permanent nights and caring for my father who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. You can imagine this took quite a toll on me both physically and mentally, then out of the blue my best friend told me he had terminal cancer and died shortly after, this coupled with at the same time my father went into a nursing home as even with support he could no longer live safely at home.


All this happening at once triggered something inside me, do what you want before it’s too late that passion that dream of owning my own fishing tackle shop had never left me. I managed to secure a couple of trade accounts and started selling tackle at car boot sales and from home, that was until I was lucky to be offered a small space in the indoor market in Kingswood Bristol. I had 1 wall and a corner but it was mine and for the first time in my life it felt like I had found my true calling a place I could finally plant my acorn.


I may only have a corner now but one day I will take over the whole market I jokingly told everyone, 18 months later I have expanded four times thanks to fantastic support from my customers some of which I now know call friends an honor to be called that I tell you as I put everything into my customer service.


I made a conscious decision to stay away from the expensive brands and instead stock a cheaper but good quality range of tackle. my aim was to create a shop where everyone could enjoy this great hobby/sport regardless of their situation or budget, value for money and customer service are of utmost importance, I am always happy to help where I can like fully supporting causes like Pass It On Young Sports( for without people like Rob who heads up PIO fishing may die out to the younger generations and beyond.

It’s an amazing feeling waking up in the morning and actually look forward to going to work, I literally am living my dream my passion, follow your dreams people. You never know some day they may come true or when it’s going to be too late and you regret not living your life your dream. Cheers JP Angling



As John has said you never know when it’s going to be too late, John is such an inspirational and knowledgeable man, his passion and drive for his dream his fishing tackle shop and his knowledge of fishing is quite simply inspiring, his shop is an Aladdin’s cave of real gems, from handmade swords and knives to hunting and fishing knives to a fishing tackle selection of rods reels and everything you could think of to fit any size budget even with a JP brand of his own fishing bait, I telle boys this is my sort of shop no stuck up posh airs and graces just good quality fishing gear to fit any budget with a really down to earth friendly customer service.


John wants to learn the art of fluff chucking that’s fly fishing to you rough ole rough neck brothers and sisters out there, so I have agreed if he joins in on the next PIO fishing match and actually fishes I will teach him fluff chucking the gentleman’s way, so a deal has been struck you will also see a lot more of me in JP Angling as that is a shop that does what it says on the tin, so from the Tiny Acorn it has started to grow into a Strong Sapling that will one day grow into a Mighty English Oak you mark my words on this now I telle boys.


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J P Angling a Fisherman’s Dream

By The Ole Hedge Creeper