Jacklands 2014

Pass It On Taster Day 16.03.14:

It all started on Saturday the 15th of March when I took all the gear down to Jacklands Fishing Lakes.Here: To be ready for the Pass It On young Sports taster day on that very Sunday, Well as I got there to unload all the gear two mini buses full of very excited scouts turned up, Talk about stretched to the limit poor ole Caroline and Andy (Jacklands owners) never had enough people to cover running the cafe the kitchen and the fishing so I volunteered my services as a qualified fishing coach.

I cant help it as soon as I see kids needing guidance and inspiration I have just gotta get involved and help were I can, This is something my Pappy taught me as a young boy when yer needed no matter what it it just roll up your sleeves and get in there, So that’s exactly what I did I joined in and help inspire these scouts into course and trout fishing.
The best part was I knew many of them either from coaching rugby or swimming at their school as quite a few were from my daughters school, In fact with my daughter Emilie there showing these boys how to fish and land them it really was a day filled with what I call heart token as payment for our time spent coaching these scouts, They turned from high spirited loud kids to a focused bunch of fishermen especially as Emilie was showing them how it was done landing a bug rainbow trout.
I over heard one boy say that Emilie from my science class as another boy said I know she is in my English class I didn’t realize she was so cool we see her in school all the time, I laughed as Emilie played this big trout and fought a monstrous battle as the sun just Shone on her Jack Pyke gear it really stood out, She landed the fish single handed with her fly rod in one hand and the landing net in the other just the way I had shown her.
At this point every scout was around her to see what a monster fish she had caught, Then she pulled a priest out and promptly dispatched it with two sharp whacks the first dispatched it the second just to make sure, All the boys were oooooo errrrrrr as Emilie laughed and said do you boys want a nice big girls blouse to wear, I did laugh as all the lads tried to act all tough and say I could of done that as Emilie just laughed some more and gave me a cheeky wink as if to say that showed them Dad.
Indeed it did as I smiled just a little bit as THAT’S MY Girl a chip off the Ole Hedge Creepers block, The day was coming along brilliantly as the sun shone like a summers day but with a winter nip in the air it really was a pleasure nay honour to be in such a magnificent venue such as Jacklands Fishing Lakes.
As it was all the scouts except one caught a trout that day it was not for the lack of trying he hooked several but just could not keep them on the line, The day finished and the scouts went back to camp to cook their trout for their tea over the open fire and Emilie and I went home to get an early night ready for an early start the next morning to build the Pass it On Taster Day.
Sunday morning 16th march 2014 Emilie and I got to Jacklands bright and early along with Chev and his daughter Ty, Chev and Ty set up the CnG marksmanship range whilst Emilie and I set up the Archery and the Catapult ranges & the reception desk, Total Angler had arrived by this point and set up all the fishing gear for both the course and trout fishing and the stick maker had just arrived to set his stand up as all the other volunteer instructors arrived ready to open the gates to the public and Pass It On Young Sports members.
Mere words just wont do this day justice the sun shone hot like a mid summers day the wildlife even came out to show off in the glorious weather, There were ducks giving Ariel display that made this old wildfowlers jaw drop and heart sing, As the people started to trickle in and them a steady flow of families all eager to take part in the taster day, The reception desk and cafe were inundated with families cuing to sign in and get a mug of tea and a bacon sandwich.
First trout to be caught came with a mighty cheer as this little la of barely five years old started the day off, Chev on the rifle range was a massive draw with not only his expertise and some top of the range air rifles but also his bird of prey called Ace, The Archery under the guidance of Chris and Jamie had cues lining up out of the gate and as for the sling shot/ catapult range under the expert guidance of Richard really was a massive draw for young and old.
Now the course fishing under the simply brilliant guidance of Nigel from Total Angler and Tony a school teacher with a passion for fishing really was stacked out with families wanting to fish, Indeed many of them catching some fine Perch and Roach on the course lake many of whom had never caught a fish in their life.
The trout fishing under the expert guidance of fishing coach Jake and Kevin was as always a massive draw with a sea of kids and adults learning how to cast a fly set a hook and indeed land the fish they had just hooked, All of whom got to take their trout home for their tea.
I floated around all the stands etc taking over and coaching kids and adults alike on all of the events so the coaches could go and have toilet breaks and have lunch refreshment breaks etc, I must admit I love it it and there is a video with this with me helping a young gilr called Ty not only did she learn how to cast but she hooked a brilliant trout, For me the little dance she did as we landed the fish was worth a million heart tokens right there, My heart is still smiling and I must have watched the video a dozen times now with a smile like a Cheshire cat.
The day past way to fast as all the families bid farewell and we all cleared up and lashed and stowed all of our equipment, The total for the attendance for the day was well over two hundred people and there were probably more than, As many elderly families just came to watch and have a nice slice of cake and a cup of tea in the Jacklands cafe whilst taking in the lovely weather on the cafe patio, And well enjoy watching all the ducks/geese and chickens wander around or make friends with the sheep, Or play with Jacklands famous Lakeland Terriers Ned and Ben who really are a cheeky pair.

So all in all a fabulous day with the youngest person being less than six months old and the oldest in attendance being ninety all having had a fabulous day out at a magnificent venue set at the majestic foot hills of Wraxall and Failand ancient hills in the village of Tickenham, On a day that can only be a Pass It On Young Sports taster day.
As Our Motto say TOGETHER WE CAN INSPIRE Pass It On Young Sports Still the Original and Still The Best, Until next time I hope you have enjoyed this article from this awesome day and for those that were there I will see you all at our next event.
Cheers Rob Collins (chairman)
Aka: The Ole Hedge Creeper