Pass it on taster day.

Jacklands fishing lakes.

22 sept 2013.


As the year starts to draw around us we had one final taster day. At the tranquil Jacklands lakes,The morning started looking like it could be a wet one but in true pass it on weather the heavens cleared to a nice autumn day.

With well over 200 children and their families musing around the site with an interest and vigour that can only be found with young people that are showing an enthusiasm for the great outdoors


With the air rifle stand being flat out all day we had 3 year olds to 63 year olds having a go, all thoroughly enjoying themselves. The coarse lake had some fantastic sport, Being run by TOTAL ANGLER, as did the fly casting with Mark teaching the young sports and all of them hooking a lovely rainbow trout for their tea.


Now there was a point just before the crowds rolled in that the man, the legend Rob Collins stands before us claiming it won’t rain as the sun always shines on the righteous, and with that we had a quick shower of rain then a good breeze came through and we were left in glorious sunshine for the rest of the day.


Now there was ferrets and stick making, fly fishing and coarse fishing, and SGA came to keep people stocked up on their gun accessories.


And there was Malcolm “Grandad” showing how to lay a hedge, using traditional skills.


Now after an incredible day we left all tired but very happy and with so many happy young sports on the final taster day of 2013. We will be back in 2014 because; TOGETHER WE CAN INSPIRE !