In the warm

The start of the Hunting journey.
The Beginning.
In spring of 2011 I’ve remembered a very old skill I had from the moment I was a kid. I’ve done a carving/engraving sort of things on my and my fathers 12G shotguns. So I went to a local hunting/fishing shop and bought myself a air rifle in .177 cal with the wooden stock.

And guess what I did first, that is right I’ve engraved a bird of prey on the right side of the stock.
It came out actually not bad, but looking back now it was very ruff! LOL
Next think I did, I went back to the shop and showed it to the owner who was quiet impressed by that work… So we started chatting and by the end of this chat I ended up with the invite for a
afternoon stalk after roe buck also what I didn’t realise is that was a start of great friendship and I’ve made myself a friend for live!
The 31st of July 2011 I was out after a roe buck.
The evening started very well as we were sneaking through the woods we’ve spotted couple fallow deer grazing on the side of the woodland and left them alone. After about 45 min of very slow stalk we walked up on the beautiful 3Ha field surrounded with the woods. In the fare left
corner I could see a double highseat and that exactly where we went.
My English wasn’t as good as it is now but we still manged to talk about many thinking (of course hunting mainly).
Then, just before 8 pm a beautiful 7 points roe buck stepped out on the other side of the field about 125 meters in front of us. My friend didn’t see it first and I wa the one who
brought his attention to it, He passed the rifle in to my hands and said:
“Nice and easy, take your time Alex…” I’ve position the rifle on to the shooting rail, for my eye to the scope. The crosshair of the scope
was very shaky and was struggling to keep it still on the target. In about 15-20 seconds I was happy to take the shoot, so I did…
Bang and Pop!!! The buck reacted perfectly, jumped in the air and kicked his back legs up. He runed for about.

15-20 meters and dropped on the ground. My friend was shivering like a leaf, but funny enough I wasn’t at all. We gave it 10 min before approaching the beast. While we were walking towards the buck I was thinking: “That is unusually long 120 meters I’ve ever walked in my life!”
It wasn’t my best shot, but to be fair I haven’t held a rifle in my hands for over 12 years. I’ve carried the carcass to the truck and and we went home.
I’ll never forget this day, this experience and all those emotions I had. That was the beginning of my hunting journey in UK, which is still continues.
Ever since I went out after that roe buck, I could not stop thinking about hunting and deer stalking in particular.

But there was so many things which I wasn’t sure about and didn’t know. The first obstacle was of course it to get the FAC and shotgun certificate. Luckily for me by that time I already had Permanent residency and it was only meter of time before I got my first rifle in .22lr
calibre. By then my good friend (Sean W. the owner of the Hunting Lodge) let me on all the land he had permission to shoot, so I had plenty of land to practise. At the same time Sean was mentoring me in deer stalking and helping me to prepare for my first out of many courses DSC
level 1. Then I sort out my DSC level 2, Humane Dispatch at RTA, Safe use of firearms and the most Iam proud of Range Conducting Officer (with NRA).

Six months later I’ve applied for my deer legal rifle in .243 win and few weeks after I got FAC back I’ve passed the DSC1. As I am not wealthy Russian oil billionaire but just a farmer I’ve asked Sean
to come up with the cheapest possible set up there is. And what do you know, in few weeks he called me in…
“Alex, your set up is ready for collection.”
That day I’ve actually taken the rest of the day OFF.
It was beautiful: the rifle Savage Edge, ASE ultra moderator and basic 8×56 Hawke IR scope. Now that was the best rifle I ever had and to be honest it still is!

I got sucked in, was introduced to many people and people got to know me. The fact that I was
Russian helped obviously! Slowly but surly I found myself in situation where I have run out of space in the gun cabinets, there was a point when I could remember how many firearms i had
without looking in the cabinets or on my FAC. Seven years on I have only three calibers I actually need: .17hmr .243win and .308win plus .410, 16G hummergun and 12G semi-auto.
At the moment I am out stalking/shooting 2-3 times per week and enjoying every bit of it. I do believe that I can be used as example of the fact that it is all possible. I came to UK and could say a word in English, now…
Well I’ll keep telling you bit by bit!