In a flap

Right sometimes just sometimes a simple idea is a great idea.

Being involved in lots of the great shooting and hunting groups on Facebook, you get to see these ideas take shape and form greatness.

Just recently I was on one of the pigeon groups seeing the bags of this very tasty bird people had shot as part of the pest control work they had done and something caught my old hunters eyes.


This great yet simple idea, Now not many people can afford a full decoy kits flappers a whirly and and load of decoys.

Well this might be your answer, courtesy of Mr Tony Mayor.


Here’s how to floor those pigeon’s with these simply made decoys.


Step 1 off cut vinyl flooring,


Step 2 use a simple template to mark out pigeon shape.



Step 3 simply mark out as many as you can and cut out with a pair of scissors. I managed to get 10 from this small piece ! Next it’s to the paint shop ! I’ve used the cheapest car primer paint I could find from a 99p shop ! One coat was enough and I have sprayed both side’s

IMG_20160416_174718 IMG_20160416_174934 IMG_20160417_091028 IMG_20160417_092319 IMG_20160417_092840 IMG_20160417_093150 IMG_20160417_09323713043362_1063490647025507_6967139112398918767_n

I have painted the tail with a mat black paint a simple V shape detailing isn’t essential . for the white neck flashes I used a gloss white( as I had some in the garage) again just a good blob either side works, just add a few fine white lines on the tail and on the sides of decoys .The  next step is to fix a piece of wood underneath so you can put them on a peg,

I used a small piece of 2×1 with a hole drilled in it for the first one’s I made but I have found it better to use an old piece of broomstick (it was one the mother in-law wasn’t flying anymore) I just stapled it to the decoys the rounded shape allows you to bend the vinyl into shape (sometimes this isn’t necessary).


Another trick is to drill several holes in the wood so you can place the decoys flat or in a head down feeding position . what more can I say it’s cheap fun to do and the main thing is they work ! I shot 37 and at that time only had 8 decoys made!.

We would like to thank Tony for taking the time and all the great pics, and as you can see it does not take much to get them birds a turning.