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Diary 7


  Ninja Rabbits.. Just after Christmas I had a Phone call from the guys at Nitesite would I like a review unit. “yes please” came back the reply. So 2 days later this large box turned up with the nitesite unit in it’s travel case. It looks like a large drill box, (think it might be) With all the components in foam inserts, it looks the job. now being a hunter I like to be ready from the word go,that mean all my kit is field ready. The Nitesite components are as follows. 1x screen/ir illuminator. 1x power cable. 1x camera module. 2x scope adapters. 2x scope rings. 1x mains charger. 1x battery. most people have seen how to attach the unit on to a rifle. Here is a quick outline,Take the correct size scope rings as one is 25 mm and the other is 30mm. undo the locking nut remove bolt, open the ring and place on to your scope, replace the nut and bolt till it just tightens. then choose the scope adapter for your scope, I found the rubber very tight so being a wise countryman, is boiled the kettle, placed the rubber into the hot water for a few minutes to soften it then it slid on to my scope with ease. Then place the camera into the rubber. connect the screen unit into the scope ring tighten the nut, plug the wires into the correct holes and your done, now the fun part inside the camera unit is the lens, this can be turned to increase or decrease the camera focus, this needs to be done so you can see the scope image clearly. I found doing this at night too, as the daytime view is much sharper than night, but at night you have the ir on so the image changes in field of view. I also found I was getting flare back from my screen as the ir light passed over branches and tall weeds, a quick phone call to Keith “Killer” Anderson, from Team wild. Got me into the know. Nitesite do a screen filter kit. it is basically car window tint but cut to the correct size , easy to apply and works a treat. So how does it perform out in the field. Very good the model I have On test is the ns50. And on a clear night you can see around 150 yards. Which is A very good, and B plenty for an airgun hinter, hey I can only shoot to a max of 40 yards. the switch on the unit moves with a solid click to each setting, which is on, ir 1, 2, 3,4. so that’s 5 clicks in total. Know being an ole countryman, bracing new gear and tech is always a challenge. for most of my hunting life we used lamps and most were homemade from car spotlights and motorbike batteries. Most of the younger generation of hunters would look at our old setups, and laugh, but we accounted for 1000’s of rabbits with them. So back to hunting. this set of land Iam using the nitsite on I’ve been shootong for nearly 20 odd years, it was my first permission and long may I keep it.At around 60 odd acres its not huge but being surrounded by roads on all 3 sides its an island paradise for the airgun hunter. sett on the side of a large valley, it is a beautiful spot . So it about 11pm and I know we had a terrible case of myxi last year so any rabbits about will be old and wise. So the first 4 fields draw a blank. But up in the top meadow I can see eye shine on the nitesite screen, at around 100 yards away, so making my way in the general direction of the rabbit, I get into a comfortable sitting position, as ive forgot my shooting sticks. I line up using My trust Air Arms s200. Which is its first outing since having its camo dip thanks to Aquagraphix. Phutt she goes and i clearly watch the rabbit tighten up and then keel over on its side 3 kicks and its dead. Now i have discoverd the first major problem with the nitesite, and that is your in the dark, sounds daft but as you view your world in ir light you forget that it is dark. so looking at the hedge around where I dropped the rabbit. i make out towards it, getting there and 25 minutes searching, nothing now i saw the pellet make good contact with the rabbit, and it go down, so where did it go I don’t know. think I have a new breed. Ninja rabbits…    

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