Diary 6


Remembering some old entries in the diary.. This month’s story comes from a very confused hunter. One day I will learn where to look, when I’am out and about. It starts with me out hunting a piece of land I know well, probably too well. Because we all get complacent about things in life. Like not looking certain directions when driving or crossing the road on foot “never seen a car there before.” Out lamping for rabbits again got around 8 nice fat ones just been culled after the hay has been baled and squared away. Summer is a strange time for rabbits they seem to go a bit loco. There either lying out sunning themselves or running around like mad heads. Nature! Can’t beat it for always being different. Been around top 4 fields back into middle 2 down into “CRACK “ how long has there been a blooming rabbit hole in the middle of this field, must of been a big hole I wear size 11 boots and my foot disappeared into it. Down I go, 18 stone of hunter lying in a heap on the floor. Mental note to one’s self there is a big hole in bottom field and no rocks or soil to patch it up with. Oh well tell the farmer next time I see them. A week later I’am doing the exact same thing, same hole, same field. Can’t win, I think I’ve remembered now walk around it or else. Here stands a warning to other hunter’s nature is always moving. so be careful out there…. Another weird nature event happened around 7 years ago. On one of my moorland shoots rising around 300mtrs above sea level, cracking views during the summer, but in winter it’s one of the bleakest places on earth. High up, on the moors and very remote. Out shooting one February afternoon, the weather said it might be unsettled. It was dry with a breeze; I can hunt in that not a problem. After around 2 hours I had bagged 3 bunnies and a woody, I was going to have one more tour of the shoot as animals are creatures of habit very often coming back out after a short time if they get disturbed. Food is far more important than people walking by. If people can remember the total eclipse of the sun a back in 1999. The weird eerie feeling that came just before it started. The birds went quite, the animals settled down; the weather seemed to slow to a halt. I had this sense something was about to change. Not a single animal was now here. It was so quite… Its the rabbit holes you cant see, are the dangerous ones… Then nothing… well for about 10 minutes, then it started one flake at a time slowly fluttered to earth. Then more and more. Within 10 minutes of packing up the car I was in a full blizzard the wind had picked up to at least a force 6.with a ten minutes’ drive to the main road it was going to be a fun 8 miles home as I got to the main road there was 6 inches of snow. I have never experienced that type of situation again, but one day I will. Well if Cornwall ever gets snow again due to the surrounding coast and prevailing SSW winds it’s a very slim chance .one day. That’s it for this month , next month will be some hunting and cooking if I catch anything for the pot.