Diary 5

Diary 5.

A Winters Tail. Hunting during the winter months is a special experience that cold crisp frosty air, twigs and leaves fracturing under the feet, big clouds of breath vapor. It’s a marvelous time to be out in the great outdoors from December on to around mid-February good game can be had if you plan your forays and if you play it wisely a great day in the woods or fields can be had. Planning a trip out you need to remember a few rules for the colder months, a flask of tea or coffee some people even take their favourite soup. Mobile phones with a fully charged battery even if you don’t switch it on you have it. A hat and gloves extra socks in case yours get wet or your feet are colder than you wold like, standing around or moving slowly wont keep the blood pumping enough to keep up body temperature . Make sure all of your kit is in good working order. Rifles are oiled and serviced. Torches have fresh batteries. Knives are sharp. You will find rabbits out after the sun has warmed it up a bit. Grey squirrels out looking for their winter stocks of nuts they have buried. The usual line up of corvids. And wood pigeon will be on the ground looking for easy pickings, or in the trees. Planning leads to performance and that will lead to game in your bag. Plan your car journey if you have to drive to your shoot. Look at the latest weather forecast before you go, then you will know a rough guide to be able to plan your route and the best places to hunt. You will find animals are creatures of habit. Sticking to the same tracks routes and areas every day. Rabbits like short fresh grass, look for these areas. Squirrels will cash nuts during the autumn time but when you bury a couple of hundred nuts it’s hard to find them so they spend a long time looking. They do hibernate but only for a few days at a time or if it’s really cold.. Pigeon will be looking for every bite they can weather its ivy berries or late winter crops and greens so keep your eyes open and get out and enjoy your winter hunting. Don’t forget it’s a good time to do some lamping weather its rabbits or rats. But that’s another tale.