Diary 3



 I think this month I will say “The old days will come round again”.  

It’s a bold statement but one I think is very true, the economic world cannot and will not support us for ever. I can see fuel prices so high we won’t use our cars unless very desperate.And food being a high price commodity like it was in the 30’s 40’s and early 50’s. So with that the lowly airgun hunter will be a major use again. Putting food on the table, not just in the game bag for pest control. As a hunter first, pest controller second. I believe in using nature’s entire larder. There is a wealth of edibles in the field’s hedges and woods. So here are a couple of ideas to try. You have rabbit, pigeon, and squirrel as our three main target foods we can hunt, all very tasty healthy and nutritious. So a quick sortie over the a shoot near a wood brought in 4 fat rabbits A stroll around the wood found some ransoms “wild garlic” which flowers in May but can still be found quite late in to the year in the wood. I can see a woods-man’s recipe coming on, I thought….. Wild rabbit in wild garlic roasted over the campfire. So after cleaning and prepping the rabbits I wrapped them in the ransoms leaves, using hazel sprig skewers to hold it together. And stuffed the flowers into the cavity as a floral stuffing. Placed them on splits and slow roasted over the fire. The only thing missing was some fresh bread. But the woods don’t have a bakers, well not the last time I checked any ways… That’s just one simple way to enjoy your hunting cooking it into something tasty and wholesome. Another recipe I will share is probably one of my favourites, it is the same set up as the last dish bar you smoke the rabbit over, one of those fish smokers you see in large stores and some camp shops. So take a large plastic container add 2 pints of cold water and wash the jointed rabbit in it. Then dry in a colander, dry the container add around half a carrier bag of ransom leaves. And oil to cover use a fork to prod the leaves as this will break up the surface and release the natural oils in them. Then add the rabbit pieces cover with enough oil to hide the meat. Then leave in the fridge overnight. If you don’t have a smoker you can use the bbq as it also does a similar job the ones with a lid are good as they keep the flavour in and smoke a bit more during cooking. With a smoker u need to soak the wood chips for around an hour, as this stops them burning and smoking instead. Fill the fire box with meth’s fluid and reinsert into the smoker, add around 2 lb. of wood chips in an even layer, Light the fire box and add the rabbit meat with as much oil drained off as u can, leave some on there for flavour. Smoke for around 30 mins or till cooked test every 5 mins from 20 as over smoking will make it tough… Serve with fresh crust bread and a salad for a summer treat. You can also collect ransom leaves and pack very well and store in the freezer. Right folks Iam off out shooting a pigeon or two for next time, and I will be telling you about autumn fare.