Diary 1

The Diary

The Countryman’s Diary. For many years as a full time chef my only day off was a Tuesday. Morning’s were spent sorting my knives and whites ready for the coming week. As the old saying goes “a sharp knife is a safe knife” But Tuesday evenings was my hunting time with my buddy Martin, his permission is reclaimed moorland near Bodmin moor, Cornwall.This land was and still is part of the moor, it lies around 200 meters above sea level so its high exposed to Mother Nature and wild. The rabbits are plentiful but much switched on. I use a custom AAs200 and Martin uses an Hw 90 with a theoben gas strut for its power plant. A very heavy but very stable air rifle. Mine is light but steady on aim. The story starts like most we had done before going anti clockwise around each field shooting and taking the mickey out off each other on any missed or fluky shoots we achieved. So we are now on to field number five is a large 8 acre field, facingNorth West. We had a deal with gateways that martin would shoot left and I would shoot right on entering all fields, it works very well and we had done it many times. So here we are I look right nothing looks back to martin and he’s got one around 20 yards away lined up, the shoots on he is kneeling ready and stable. Safety goes off and phut. A 16 grain AA diablo pellet flies to make contact with the rabbit, 10 second pause to check for any others disturbed by the shot and we walk over to collect the rabbit and there is 2 there we both look at each other in shock and disbelief. Where was the other rabbit?Well the answer lies in the rabbit he shot was a full grown bunny as the second was a 3/4grown one sat right next to it. The first was sat upright and was shot in the head clean through its ears the second was shot in head behind the eye, so we took it as he fired the pellet struck the first and the second sat up more and was killed as well. It’s the only explanation we could think off. Hope you have enjoyed the accounts of a countryman..