Hello to you my loyal reader.
My apologies for the absence and I hope I find you well.
 An unfortunate accident , which has impeded my maneuverability , has curtailed my hunting forays some what and kept me tethered close to the homestead these last few months.
No doubt Mr Cottontail is sorry for my predicament.
So what tale of woe and hunting prowess have i for you this day?

Well actually i don’t. What I do have is a question for you dear reader.
But first I feel I must digress a moment and explain myself.
In this day and age we are lucky to have access to instant information at the stroke of a key.

Silhouette of a hunter aiming his shotgun

 Our mobile phones have more computing power than the Lunar lander.
We are able to maintain contact with friends and family around the world via social media. A downside of this instant access is the ability of some to fill a persons ” post ” with venom and vitriol. To cast aspersions on a persons look , ambitions or ability.

In a friends post regarding their hunting endeavors they were aggressively attacked regarding their success in the field as my friend had not posted a picture of any kills. The simple message was ” prove it”.
So does my friends inquisitor mean ” No picture equals no ability as a hunter”.

Now , dear reader I , personally , do not feel the need or inclination to take a picture , graphic or not , of any animal I have dispatched whilst hunting.
I will admit to taking pictures of the fish I have caught in my time on the river bank but these fish were returned to the water unharmed , with gratitude.
We live in the prosperous West in the  21 century where we have an abundance of readily available food.

Our shops are stocked daily with ‘fresh’ produce from around the world.
So why do we go hunting?
Why leave a warm bed at an ungodly hour or our cosy home and spend the day or night either sat in a hide , dressed like a bush and providing the local bug population with a fresh free meal or spend the next hours wandering around in the dark stepping in cow pats , horse manure and sheep droppings , or in my case ending up either kneeling or sitting in the aforementioned animal excretions.

Why do we choose to mooch about farm yards in the dead of night for roosting pigeons and rats. Why do we risk the possibility of falling in a ditch or tearing our hunting clothing on a malicious barbed wire fence or getting a unexpected shock from a electric fence. Why do we run the risk of being chased by a angry or amorous bull  the land owner has put in that ‘always empty ‘ field and forgot to warn you about.

Why not stay at home and order a pizza , Indian or kebab and put the latest episode of ‘I’m a Strictly Get me a X factor Dancing celebrity ‘. Failing that there is always the plethora of soaps to indulge in.
So let me ask you a question , dear reader.
Why do you hunt?
What makes you a hunter?”.
Okay , 2 questions.

So readers, Belzedar has asked you are free to contact us as to why?