HW 45

HW 45.

Caliber    177,20,22

Weight    2.5lbs. 1.13k

Trigger    2 stage adjustable

Length    10”.25 cm

Power    6.0ft lbs.

Power on test    4.3ft lbs.

Safety     Manual, resettable

The HW 45 pistol is the premier target pistol in the UK. Created with German engineering, build is second to none. Weighing in at 2.5lbs and just over 10 “in length this is a big chunk of metal.

This pistol feels like a handful and it is but comes on aim very sweetly.to load it you depress the hammer which undoes the top slide that is pinned underneath the muzzle. Making sure the safety is on. Hold the pistol against your hip and open up the side through 120® till it clicks. The slide no has compressed the main spring and will be able to move with no tension. Insert a pellet in to the breach just under the rear sights. Carefully close the slide till it locks into the hammer catch. And you’re ready to fire. Lifting the pistol on aim it feels heavy but very stable on aim the HW trigger is 2 stage and lets off very sweetly, 1st stage followed by a cathump sound as it releases the pellet. Over the chrono it showed 4.3ftlbs, which was using 14.3 Crossman premier pellets

HW 45 pistol review

Above the slide open and the cocking method. This pistol shoots as well as any good competition gun available.

They do hold their value so be prepared to pay good money for them.  Countryman’s score 9/10


Pistol kindly supplied by Mr S Luscombe.
Chronscope supplied by www.chronoscopes.com