Fresh Starts

Now we love to hear from small ideas, be it a charity or a new start-up business idea, and if we can we like to help promote said ideas, espicially if they are really cool, from outdoor safety ideas and kit that can help to, people giving time to make a difference.

So this months Fresh Starts is one of those  ideas that needs more support accross the board, there are according to public released figures currently, 154,958 firearm certificates as at 31 March 2017. And a whopping 561,413 shotgun certificates as at 31 March 2017.

But I can bet not 2% hold one of these great ideas named Gun-ICE, a simple safety ID card to be kept on person till needed, now I know many people have ICE or Emergency contact details on there phones, but who has ever had the batteries die or the phone decide not to want to work anymore?

I know I had, one mobile phone that decideed it wanted to be a hi-tech paper weight and I was told that’s phone for you…

Well with this great idea, there is space for your detail so the emergency services know who you are,  there is nothing be a John Doe, and space for details like address, next of kin, medication your on, allergies, and if you want you canm enter your Fac Or Sg number so you can alert them you may have a rifle or shotgun near by.

So along with GunICE themselve who run as a not for profit charity, they asked the shooting industry to help support this fab idea and the indusrty stood up, and has sponsored many print runs of this orange card, they even get their logo on it to say they support it.

I did hear a story of a chap, out pigeon shooting and winged a bird, so broke his gun, left the hide to get said bird which had downed some 200 yards away down by a stream and was found by a dog walker, several hours after he had had a heart attack, its only when he informed the police and ambulance service he had a shotgun in a hide and cartridges in the field still all  setup, did ther police then worry it might not be there still. Lucky everything was ok, but anything can happen to anybody. He very nearly lost his certificate too.

Would you be able to spot a well made hide?

So along with shooters who all need to carry something like this, they have sold to bikers, horse riders, little old ladies, and even pets.

So for the price of a pint or a bacon sandwhich pop on over and get ICE’d up.

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