The birds and the ferrets

Ferrets were first domesticated from the European polecat and is said that they have been domesticated for 2500 years now… They are a member of the Mustelids family.. The same as mink,stoats,weasels and polecats…

They first domesticated ferrets were never said to be albino colour.. Nowadays you can get various colors such as albinos Sandie’s polecats silvers sandy mitts and polecat mitts… In America they are called different colors such as sable…
The life span of a ferret is usually 7-10 years depending on there living conditions.. I like to insure that my ferrets get a good diet so I feed mine rabbits which I catch when I go rabbiting or sometimes feed them pheasants from a local shoot..

I sometimes make my own ferret food for them with the mincer to! Consisting of lambs hearts and a little beef fat… I vary there diet a fair bit as don’t like to keep them on dry food all the time..The dry food I use is Chudleys ferret or alpha ferret.. I’ve found that by doing this it keeps them in great condition…

I always use shavings in the bottom of there cages and shredded paper as there bedding.. Shredded paper is ideal as you don’t bring in ticks or mites like you can with straw.. Its very essential that the ferrets always have a good supply of fresh water, I’ve found they drink a lot more when there on dry food!

The breeding season.

Every year ferrets will usually come into season In march time.. I’ve found that every year my ferrets come into season early and this year I had ferrets In season in January!! in years gone by it is said that rabbiting should be done in every season with every month with an R in September-end of April!

These days your lucky till even go to the mid of feb!!! So why is it the rabbits are breeding early and the ferrets?? I think it can only be one thing! It’s much warmer at times in the winter!! I’ve found that my hobs are usually in season and ready to breed by the end January and are usually in season before the jills!!

Jills that come in season must be taken out of season either by a vasectimised hob or by a Jill jab at a local vet! Side effects from not doing so can really cause harm to your ferret..


It will cause to much estrogen to be released by your ferret and could cause your ferret to get anemic and possibly die! I usually keep the hob in with the Jill for at least a week when I’m breeding to insure the job has been done! A Jill will take 42days (6 weeks) to have her kits.. And by 8 weeks old providing they’ve been looked after in the right conditions they should be properly weaned and ready to re home if needed to be..