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The long & the short of it.

We get asked many times to review products for publication. Alas we have a working standard, plus we  don’t charge for reviews like mainstream magazines, but we do say this.

If we can’t use it, or it doesn’t do as it says on the tin it don’t go in.

What that means if you have a product that does not meet the grade we don’t publish the review, so far I think between myself and the rest of the team there has only been a handful of items not good enough for the grade.

It’s not we do not think it’s a good product, just we cannot recommended an item that’s meant to be field ready out of the box, if it’s just not there yet.


So it’s a pleasure to review not 1, as such but a collection that’s sold as one.

We spoke to the guys at The Shooting Party at the British Shooting Show, in February this year and got chatting about what we do here at the Diary, so business being business it took a little time to get arranged, but they kindly sorted a scope for review, well I say scope, and side wheel, and screw in sunshade, and front and rear flip up covers and, oh yea a set of mounts and lens cloth and… No wait I think that’s all.

Yea, a small lorry brought this to the office, with a team of guys to carry it in.

Joking aside, this is all one package, from the mighty PAO range of scopes, the one that arrived was the PAO, Emerald 6×24 x56 ir SWAT.

Try saying that after a few ciders, we shall call her, Emmy from now on.

Now I decided to bolt her to the 17hmr, as it’s a good rifle for close range to 200 yards, so with the supplied double screw mounts we got them on the rifle, try the scope for fit, and then top rings, adjust, line up and we are good to go.

So I sat looking at this scope it sits well on the 17, enough weight to hold aim, not too much to induce the wobbles.

 That’s always a good start, the trend seems to be a massive scope, that far out reaches the rifles use, but even though the sharp eyed amongst you may, have seen already it’s a 6 x 24 zoom, it’s just enough to be pin sharp for the finer shot placements.

I found when I was zeroing it, I stepped from 6 to 8 to 12 to fine tune the tiny rounds of the 17hmr, then I put a card out at 100 yards and cranked it up to full 24 x zoom, and it was blurry and not crystal sharp till I used that mighty parallax side wheel, slowly turning it until the image was as sharp as my hunting knife.

Now on this scope the P/a adjustment is on the saddle of the scope along with windage and elevation adjustments, the side wheel does up on a small grub screw and is rock solid with no creep or wobble, and at just pushing the 4 inch or 100mm diameter is just right to allow very precise adjustments to the P/a.

The P/a and zoom collar moved as smooth as you like straight out of the box, no tight spots or grease drag, that horrible grinding feeling you sometimes get.

Now the turrets for up and down, that’s the very technical term for windage and elevation, are an engineering master class, pop them up to adjust, pop down to lock, very simple, no covers to lose, no hassles, and the both made that nice click as the moved.

On all my scopes I like to optically centre them, by that I mean turning all the way in one direction then right to the end of travel and back, remembering how many time the drum spun around, most scope its 4 or 5 turns these gave nearly 7 turns, that a lot of adjustment, and that a good thing.

Also very useful for finding any issues with the turrets, as you should be able to dial in and rest your dial to your zero point after.

The box had a lot in it from the mounts to covers to sunshade, but the most important thing in the box was the scope so we will tell you it’s a durable matt back finish, long and very nice looking and stop the review there, and tell you all to go buy this scope.


Or we could take you out on my range and in the fields for a proper test, none of this office desk reviews here.

So we shall begin I had the scope just over 3 months many thanks to Mike and the guys, The issues I did find are these, there is too much, my needs are simple, to be able to take a well-aimed shot over there.

So having bells and whistles on things is nice but are they practical, the starting zoom is 6x which is almost too much a close range, It could have been 4x and still perform nicely, 24 times the other end, unless you want to castrate the flea sat on the rabbit, it’s a bit too much for the distance on the 17, I found up to 12x was ok, I didn’t go much further, and could probably live without it.

Coming in at 15 ¾ inches without sunshade Old Emmy is a bit of a beast but balanced out beautifully, Weighing in at 1.6 lbs or 740 grams she has a feel of rugged and practical, some scopes feel like one good knock and it would be all over, Emmy has the finish and feel of a last a lifetime bit of gear, how it should be.

Ah my eyes! Now a lot of scopes can have a sunshade, many users don’t fit them, and on spring air rifles the barrel releasing gets in the way.

So why have one, it does many clever things, first it blocks out a lot of sun light, epically the coming from the side light, that is more a hindrance than an issue, see the picture below for what we mean.

Its other nice feature is it keeps rain and dirt off the objective lens, which is a big bonus. and the best use I can find, is it stops ir glare and torch glare when being used atnight, as we all have experienced that over the years, that shine back from the moderator or barrel, glinting in the bottom of the scope view. Well it does help stop it, using the a simple sunshade.

So we have got it on the rifle and even through the name is PAO, or professional airgun optics but a few models are now rated to centre fire recoil.

I saw a few YouTube vids on these scopes a while ago most said they were crap, I found the test one fine, no flaws or damage and everything operated as it should, and it was tested on my 17hmr using 17 and 20 g rounds without any issues. I found the glass to be very clear there is a pic below showing a grass bank at 20 yards and it does not even look like there are any lenses in the scope, which is a good thing, it means the coating, which in this case are emerald in colour are doing their job.

The scope has 2 more tricks tucked away, one is 6 levels of green and 6 levels of red illumination for the cross hairs, and trick number 2 is this, those cross hairs are full Mill-dot reticule so lots of aim points and a dead easy way to line up those shoots.

I’ve also included a short video of it being used in conjunction with another product we are testing the Phone Skope from our pals in the States more on this soon.

Currently priced around £250 pounds for all in the box is a cracking deal, for a lot of gear, mounts, sunshade, cleaning cloth, both front and rear scope caps, and 100 mm P/a wheel, oh and a kicking scope, with all these great features.

  • Rated for all Firearms –Air Rifles, Rim-Fire & Centre-Fire
  • Constructed from High Quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum Single-Piece 30mm Tube with Hard
  • Anodized Finish
  • Mil-Dot Reticle
  • 56mm Objective Lens
  • Includes Two-piece, Match Grade High, four-screw 9/11mm High Mounts (with arrestor pin)
  • Variable magnification, between 6 and 24 times
  • Side Focus Parallax Focus Adjustment 15 yards to infinity
  • Includes a detachable  Large (100mm) Side-wheel for precision parallax adjustment
  • Focus: Down to 15 yards at maximum magnification
  • Highest quality, multi-coated Emerald green lens
  • Fast-focus eye piece
  • Shockproof, Waterproof & Fog proof. Nitrogen purged.
  • Turrets: External “Push-LOKtm “ Locking, finger adjustable (lockable to prevent accidental adjustment).1/4” MOA
  • Protective Lens Cap Set
  • Screw-in detachable 10cm Sun Shade-FREE!
  • Length:- 400mm (15.75”)
  • Weight: 739grams (Excluding mounts, lens covers and Side-wheel)
  • Red & Green Illuminated Reticle (5 Levels of illumination intensity) (battery included)
    *LIFETIME “Replace-Not Repair” WARRANTY

Now that’s a steal of a deal and gets a very big thumb up from us at the Diary.

I shall miss dear Emmy; she had a flare and a bit of class to her.

The Shooting Party.:Here.


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