Countrymans Diary


 A chancer, a joker, a wildcard. This wasn’t meant to be. Three years ago I nearly died. Field sports have given me back my life – a life I never thought I’d have. A life I so very almost didn’t have. 5th November 2013, Bonfire Night, I was in a serious freak accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury which robbed me of everything I had and knew. Three years ago I couldn’t speak, write or communicate for myself. Three years ago death came for me and I convinced him to change his mind and give me another chance. I promised to make this one count.  And this is what I have to show for it in return. It’s taken three years but I’ve made myself in to a shining star, outshining the shadow of my former self. I’m 28. I’ve been living trapped in the city, in London for the last few years, but am now following my heart back to the Berkshire countryside. I hunt, catch and shoot all my own food. I live for being outdoors and for the field sports community. I built myself back up from a severe head injury, began shooting in the back garden with a cheap air rifle and blossomed in to a recognized and commended person in the field in the space of a few years. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and this is what you see today. All I really did was didn’t die and never ever gave up.

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