Edgun Matador.

Edgun matador r3m 177 (multishot) my thoughts (Review)

By Lee Reid.

The first thing that took me by surprise was how well built the r3m was it’s what you would imagine a Russian tank to be like 10/10.. Solid, not built to a budget and some would call it over kill for an Airgun, build quality doesn’t get any better really, not to mention how simplistic it is (9 separate parts when fully stripped! ! Genius!

The rifles weight is towards the rear, something I prefer myself as it balances out pretty well, mine weighs 8.7lbs with MTC Connect scope and a set of two piece mounts, the front end is silenced with a set of baffles connected to the end of the barrel via a stress nut which also completely floats the barrel which improves accuracy over its previous 2.5 matador from my research also the spec’d barrels obviously aid that little bit more, the baffles are covered by what is essentially a moderator cover, it works pretty well for what it is, hardly audible 20 yards away, the shroud also has rear venting as well to dispense high pressure build ups on firing, the shroud is very efficient at its job, but my only gripe is it is a bit of a pain because of “out there” setup that there is no real way of adding a custom shroud, it would have been nice to have the choice, the shroud arrangement is to improve on accuracy over previous matador, especially in environments which blow hot and cold, the extreme changes in temperature will shift POI.. Anyway enough about that for now!

The stock is a very well thought out design, it has a usable rear hook which sits on the arm allowing for one arm carry across the chest whilst out if you choose not to fit a sling, the wood is walnut, extremely light, the front end has been “lightened” with wood being removed, these drastically cut the weight down! I’ve found this useful for standing shots, my fingers want to grab the forend and just slide into the holes and get a nice firm grip around the stock, it just feels right! Hard to put into words really!? , I think the manufacturer design is spot on and fits the purpose, well done Ed!

The action is very sleek in appearance, the trigger push rods and springs are all encased in a one piece unit which snaps into place as one, no exposed rods or springs to be seen here, I really like the design a lot! the trigger on r3m is nothing short of excellent, mine is set to break at a pound, the first stage has some positive firm sprung feedback and the second stage comes to a clean stop, there is no mistaking when it will fire, breaks like glass every time and feels sturdy, there is zero side to side play in the trigger blades operation top marks because I can’t stand triggers that wobble!

There is no safety on the r3m (I don’t think Russian believe in safety’s at first I was a bit worried about this, but I feel I am actually safer without a safety? I keep my fingers completely away from the blade at all times until I want to take the shot. mechanical things can always fail at any time without warning, I’ve found with not having one I’m a lot more aware of the danger! This is completely the opposite to how I thought I would feel and I’m not going to miss what’s wasn’t there in the first place.

Firing cycle is very precise and to the point, I would describe it as direct, the bolt was quite stiff out of the box as expected from new, it was smooth and purposeful! After a tin of pellets I could feel the difference as the matador r3m slowly started to loosen up and bed in, now I’m 3 tins into the rifle and the bolt feels like butter, one thing I did find was that I was wiping the grease of the rear of the bolt after cocking it from a fully extended bolt I mean.. I prefer a dry bolt, the amount of grease was OTT if I’m honest and would eventually attract dust and other unwanted debris from the field, it is now completely dry after a small quick clean out.

The magazine is 10 shot, completely indestructible, quite similar to the hw100 mags, they fit into the breech extremely easy with a slight push to click them home, the tolerances are very tight here with no sloppyness at all just a firm “click” home 1 rotation anticlockwise lines everything up ready to return the bolt to normal position.
The bolt isa durable bit of kit, solid in feel and a purposeful robust look to it, it has been completely faultless in operation, not a single James or miss fire in 3k shots, I have not found any difference in accuracy swapping between the two magazines something my Theoben where notorious for.

The weaver/picatinny has been angled down to help with long range shooting; this is to make sure you don’t run out of scope adjustment, nice touch!

Another excellent touch is the magazines can be stored under the rail (4 in total) I have found I can load the mag when it is still in the rail to! Load a pellet and spin to next hole, load and repeat! All without removing the mag, I have found this an excellent feature as the mag is always there ready whenever it is need! Can’t praise this enough.

The action is smooth and finished in a very flat matt type no reflective finish, high quality and very uniformed in its appearance, clearly the rifle is a hunter and it fits the purpose it is intended for.

The silencer\moderator does its job nicely, the rifle does sound loud to the shooter simply because the operators ear is right next to the action, a mate shooting the rifle in the back garden soon reveals how quiet it actually is with myself stood a few feet away the pellets impact was louder hitting the sandwich board backstop 20 yards away.

I have added a Magpul adaptor to the rail for a Magpul sling but to tell the truth I hardly ever use the sling, it’s light enough to fit the all-day mobile Hunter’s needs!

Accuracy is nothing short of amazing with the r3m! The barrels were spec’d by Ed after over a year’s worth of testing various setups and barrel twist rates for long range shooting with the JSB brand, he finally settled on a barrel arrangement with LW who now make Edgun spec’d barrels for the r3/r3m matador Bullpups, I have to say something has definitely clicked here because the accuracy is blisteringly good and is one of the most accurate Pcp rifles I’ve had the pleasure of owning, whatever I put the Crosshairs on falls over! I can split tiny twigs off the knee with ease partly due the the excellent craftsmanship of the Edgun stock which aids in accuracy I think so credit where credit is due, I don’t think even a custom stock would beat the usability of the standard version, the design is perfect!

The quickfill is very simple affair it works how it should, I’d much rather see a foster type setup myself. The gauge reads perfect and matches my big 12ltr 300BAR tank guage, normally i fill to just over 200bar, around 205

At a guess my 177 version will do around 220+ shots, I can’t really say for sure as I havnt done a full shot test yet, maybe one day? The rifle did come with a fill probe adapter dust cover, courtesy of DASE shop

The rifle is super air efficient spitting single shot fps between shots at the best of times, all I have done to it is set power (11.3) which jumped a little to 11.5 after bedding in reg etc) and fine-tuned the 1st stage travel on trigger, and added an atlas bi-pod, that’s it!

Some other refinements the trigger has improved no end from edgun 2.5 version from my research, the shroud and barrel arrangement, spec’d barrels (mentioned earlier).
The shroud actually floats the barrel completely by a tension nut, this means the barrel is totally free from the air cylinder, meaning changes in temperature will never effect you POI even in extreme changes in the weather conditions, previous models had 2 separate barrel clamps which attached to the Air cylinder.. This isn’t the case any longer!

The Edgun matador r3m was built so the owner can easily service the rifle themselves (if it ever needed to be) , an extremely robust and simple design with very few parts, on the many hours researching this rifle “before I handed cash over” i read everything I could literally find, I have spoken to people who have r3m and have done 80k+ shots and have not even had to change the original O-rings from factory!! also the support Ed YouTube channel offers is a welcome bonus for me search “TheEDgun” on the tube, an excellent channel which helped me in my decision to buy my matador r3m along with other things, I am extremely happy with the rifle, it hasn’t missed a beat in its operation since day one, it has actually gotten better, smoother!

I have been out and purposefully shot and plinked away, but always got bored long before I can make it run out off air, when I get home I always seem to have around” 170bar left of air even after trying to shoot every empty shotgun shell and pine cone I can put my sights on

They are not the cheapest rifles out there, but there is definitely a sense of satisfaction owning an edgun and knowing you have something that hasn’t been built to a budget, but built to last! The simplicity is the genius, they have a loyal following for good reason.