Receiving my Eagle-vision infinity mount was a fast and smooth process from Eagle vision.

the infinity mount was well packed, it came in a very nice modern black box with the company’s logo on the front, inside I found 2x Allen keys + the infinity mount itself, all nicely wrapped to keep it safe for the journey to me.

Taking out the mount I could tell straight away that it was a high quality piece of kit I was holding, the quality of materials is very high from previous brands I have owned, finished in matt black, this is flat with a even finish over all (no shine) so perfect for me as it matches my Edgun Matador R3m’s finish, they both go together like a match made in heaven, very useful if you are a hunter like myself and try to avoid anything with a shine to it.


The mount sits 45mm from bottom of weaver rail to centre of my scope; this is exactly a 10mm rise on my previous weaver mounts (Mediums).
Perfect height for my needs as I was find my old mounts a little too low for my head position, the infinity mount has cured this little niggle for me.

Adjustment is quite something else, in a word excellent! Forward, reverse (43mm) + height adjustment up and down (6mm) + tilting forward and backwards, once you have your preferred setting of adjustment you can lock this into place with the two Allen nuts on the side of the mount with the provided Allen key that is included in the box.

The mount has accessories available, I went for the bubble level which screws into the side of the mount in self , with various different holes that are threaded and located in different places along the mount, so you can get this exactly where you need for your eye for shooting.


The scope mount rings on the infinity mount both come with a weaver type rail adaptors on top of each mount ring, great for adding an IR torch to pair up with the Yukon Photons (which I own) i will be trying this feature out and also running my Hawke sidewinder tac 30 with the infinity mount.

Previously I only bought the well-known brands of scope mounts for my rifles without naming any names, two of most popular well-known brands in scope mounts, the infinity mount for me has surpassed both of these brands on build quality, ease of use and adjustability, it will do everything any shooter needs and more

So would I recommend the Eagle vision infinity mount? If you want a fine quality one piece mount with a number of infinity options of adjustment, then yes I would definitely recommend you take a look at the Eagle vision infinity mount, you will not be disappointed!


Technical details

. Width 50mm.

. Height 72mm to 77.5 mm adjustable.

. Length 164mm to 207mm adjustable.

. Profile Height 30mm

. Adjustable Height 6mm.

. Adjustable Length 43mm.

. Weight 275 gm.

. Ring size: 30mm Base 20mm Picatinny rail.

. Available Accessories Mounting Adapter: converting 20mm Picatinny to 9-13mm Weaver.

. Ring adapter: converting 30mm ring to 25mm ring.

. Accessory top ring with Picatinny rail on top of each ring (very good for mounting a torch)

. Bubble levels.

. Extra picatinny bracket which can be added to the side of the mounts. (4 can be added easily)

By Lee Hunter