Double Vision.

Reviewing not 1, but 2 great optics.

First off we have the small but perfectly formed ATN Shot Trak, HD camera, with built in red laser, and microphone.

With this list, of great features.

∙ Full HD video Record

∙ Military Grade Material

∙ 5X the magnification of a standard action camera

∙ Simple Toggle Switch Operation

∙ Tiniest Full HD Tactical Solution

∙ Recoil proof

∙ Standard Weaver Mount — mounts on three sides of your weapon

∙ Built in Microphone

Yes folks that’s full High Definition recording with 5x zoom pre built in, plus a laser with windage and elevation adjustment. A weaver rail to mount, almost anywhere, on your weapon.

All for a great asking price of just £99.00 for standard, or £129.99 for the laser model.

Now that’s, a good deal.

Unlike some of the other recording cameras this has a straight lens not a fish eye so you get a brilliant sight picture. The focus is crystal sharp and the controls are dead easy to use, being a gate switch on the rear of the unit, select from, laser, camera or both.

I found that the laser adjustment ran out with it being mounted on the side of my action, but if mounted on top or under barrel, it would be fine, I can see this a great class room teaching aid, as it takes a micro SD card, the same as in smart phones and tablets, so you could teach and review almost at the same time, showing the student where their shot placement was, how their breathing was the gun wobble.

So a great, all round useful gadget. And for the target boys and girls it would show how you performed every time from gun mount to follow through. Now the really exciting bit is if you are a hunter you can not only record your hunts, but if you miss or just fluff a shot, you have full HD, to show you how it went…

So I will leave you with some  video taken from this brilliant little camera.


Well folks, things are a moving technology wise, in my youth we had car spot lights and motorbike batteries in ice cream tubes tied to our belts with baler cord.

So 25 years on, which in the grand scheme is nothing, in that time, we have such things a digital night vision, Generation 1,2, and 3 night vision, Cree led lamps, hand torches that throw a beam 500 yards, and now a, very special type of sighting device that is now small enough to be hand-held, and with a reasonable price tag, its thermal vision.

Boasting, all of these great features.

∙ Sensor: 336×256 pixels

∙ Microbolometer Type: Uncooled

∙ Material: Vanadium Oxide

∙ Detection Range: 1800m (man sized object)

∙ Recognition Range 700m

∙ Image Resolution: 800×600 pixels

∙ Frame Rate: 60hz

∙ Video Output for recording footage to MPR etc.

∙ Lens: 70mm (standard on E370 but also available as 2x or 4x variants

∙ Display: Colour OLED matrix 800×600

∙ Thermal Sensitivity: <50mK

∙ Spectral Response: 7-14um

∙ Field of View: 9 deg, Eye Relief 27mm

∙ Optical Magnification: (70mm lens) 6x

∙ Polarity Control: White Hot/Black Hot/Multiple Colour Modes

∙ Start Up: 4s

∙ Weight: 800grams

∙ Dimensions: 177x76x83mm



Only having a 2 weeks to play with this great tool just wasn’t long enough, but I’m glad I did, from just being a boy, and playing with all the great features on the unit, to getting out and checking my shooting permission’s with it.

The uses are endless, I could see where the rabbits disappeared to in the thicket of brush, and this is an oversized mass of gorse bushes, brambles and elder saplings, all grown together. Until now they just appeared in the open, I now know they have a tunnel going in on an angle.


The main use I found for it and can see lots of professional’s getting one, is deer management, as deer prefer to be out after dark feeding you can tuck into the brush and happily spot them coming back and forth, even on trails you didn’t know they used, or just checking numbers.


The best use of thermal I found was the elusive woodies sitting in the woods, you know the ones, you can hear them cooing, but can’t see them till you spook them and loose the shoot, not with thermal, look around and spot them before the spot you this works great out to about 75 yards, which for such a compact unit is a bloody brilliant tool.

he last use is a body finder, we nearly always use night vision to shoot, but the downside, is finding the bodies after the shot, without sticking another light on, but with the thermal, the bodies are easy to pick up, and a dead rabbit stays glowing hot for a good hour after it dies, so if you are clearing a field, it’s easy to shoot it, then go around and pick up after,. This unit has white hot, black hot and several colour modes, 2 zoom settings and a jack out to record your footage.

White hot is where anything with a temperature glows white, black is the reverse, and the colour modes are great during the day when you have natural heat like the sun, and heat haze, to contend with.




The images are of 2 of  my kids under thermal, about 30 feet away sat watching TV, on the sofa, and the other images are of a wood pigeon sat on my neighbours roof at 65 yards, note how the head breast and upper abdomen are hotter than the rest of the body..

The only thing I found with the thermal unit, was you can’t see through glass, like if you are watching wildlife form the truck, you need the window down, but bar this, what a bloody brill unit.

Right where’s my piggy bank gone?

Because it retails for a mightly impressive £3,500.

both of these units are avalible from the UK’s best tech store, Scott Country.