Defining Strokes.

Well as you know, even though we are hunters and countrymen, we have a passion for the finer things in life, like good wine and food and rifles. So with that in mind we would like to introduce you to a very gifted young lady by the name of, Charlotte, and we think as you scroll down in a minute you will agree with us.

Mainly featuring the humble horse, Charlotte has a vast style and talent for being so young and it shines through her art at you, it draws you into the picture, then out to see more details then back again.

Here is a bit more about her:

Charlotte Hannaford is a 19-year-old artist from England, as a child, she grew up surrounded by many horses and other wildlife. where she would sit for hours drawing with her mother. She has a strong passion for curating equine art at where she is able to show the true beauty of the animal, capturing it in one moment. ” I choose to use horses where they have no restraints and haven’t been touched by a human allowing them to be seen in there a natural form letting their true personality to shine.” The reasoning behind using a plain background is so the viewer’s eyes are drawn to focusing on the horse, allowing you to forget about all of your surroundings and just focusing on what is there. She currently attends Middlesex university doing a BA in fine art. where she hopes to progress her skill in equine art.  Currently, she creates her paintings in a shared studio space in the university. Charlotte has been running Prestige Artwork for about 5 years and aspires to become a full-time equine artist in the future.

We feel no more scribbles from us so just let your eyes enjoy the fantastic images.