Danny’s World.

The adventures of a true counntryman.

Follow his hunts and what he does with the meat he harvests from Mother Natures larder.

On my way to my shooting grounds this evening I saw plenty of fallow deer, does and bucks, and lots of wild boar, I managed to video three sub adults. The sky looked absolutely fabulous tonight, it was warm about 10 degrees and no wind whatsoever. I waked around a 650 acre cattle and sheep farm shooting rabbits as the farmer wants them shot. I lost track of how many I shot as it was impossible to find them all in such vast open fields in total darkness. I had some cracking shots, taking several rabbits at 100 yards. They are making a right mess of the cattle pastures because the ground is so fertile like sand it’s easy to burrow into. I noticed the farmer had started digging a trench around some of his boundary’s fence lines and burying a rabbit proof fence into the ground. Looks like I got plenty more rabbit shooting to do in the coming months to lower the numbers..

I found this female sparrow hawk today on one of my permissions, she had flown into one of the windows of the outbuildings. Over the years I have found many smaller birds that have hit windows but never a bird of prey. She probably saw her own reflection in the glass and flew at it thinking it was another sparrow hawk in her territory..

Mmmm…wild boar cut into strips, then fed through my new electric mincer, what shall I make today???

Picked up yet another perm yesterday from a referral, a huge mixed woodland with roe and muntjac, pheasants, pigeons, corvids, rabbits and squirrels. After an in depth conversation with the gentleman, he asked if I could start straight away, I said, “I will think about it tonight, and if I can manage your land for you I will be back tomorrow with some paperwork.” So I went back today, he signed on the dotted line, and said, “I got a few friends that would like you to control the vermin on their land, I have spoken to them about you and they want you to start straight away if you would.”

This is what can happen when you do a good job in an area and people start talking. I always respect the people and their land, good ongoing communication, leave the place clean of spent cartridges and kills, and most importantly do what you agreed and promised. So, we had a quick wander around to get my bearings, and boundaries sorted out. Saw so much wildlife about and it was alive with birdcall, a beautiful afternoon the temperature was 11 degrees with no wind at all. He initially wants me to prioritise my time on shooting rabbits and squirrels that are eating his shrubs and plants and damaging trees.

I said, “excuse me one moment sir,” as I spotted a rabbit at 60 yards so one down, another I shot at 80 yards both taken freestyle without the use of my bi-pod or tripod, then finally a cracking 110 yard shot leaning against a branch. The landowner was amazed, he said “all clean head shots and no noise from your gun.” One happy landowner…going to visit 4 new landowners tomorrow. Happy days.

when I got home on Sunday I found yet another…Great Green Bush Cricket…it was on my raspberry leaves as I was picking yet more raspberries.

NEW PERMISSION Part 1 rabbits & pigeons.

I have just picked up another new permission…in Wales this time. I had called on them and asked several months ago after hearing about their pest problems. Eventually, this chap contacted me asking if I could HELP…Rabbits are destroying their fields, rats are getting in and eating the chickens food, it’s virgin territory no one has ever shot on the land before. There are also plenty of pigeons and grey squirrels about. This was a great find, but most importantly I’m helping some nice kind folks out. They are already supplying me with fresh free range eggs to go with my rabbit and pigeons.

After my first rabbit shooting session the owners said to me, thank you so much…these rabbits were destroying everything in our garden, digging up our fields and just sitting about all day looking at us…there is still a lot of rabbits to be shot so the pest control continues.

Fresh organic vegetables to go with all the meat I got in the freezer. This morning I spent a few hours between the rain pulling and cutting some of my organic vegetables from the garden whilst preparing some of the beds ready for planting soon. It’s no good shooting all this game if you haven’t got fresh organic vegetables to hand.

Another afternoon squirrel shooting. Farmer asked me to clear out some of the squirrels on one of my permissions, a 200 plus acre farm. Best way this time of year I found is to blast the dreys with a shotgun and when they flee shoot them. It was a lovely dry day about 15 degrees. As the day came to an end I went onto a big Corvus roost, then finished of with some rabbit shooting using a lamp on the .22 rifle with my favourite colour, the green pill. The temperature dropped rather suddenly down to 7 degrees and finally 4 so I decided to pack up and head home having walked miles up and down dale all afternoon and evening. There’s nothing better than being out in the countryside, fresh air, exercise and a healthy meal at the end of it, rabbit and squirrel pie.

Using Mother Natures larder, as it should be, take little and often, as the old ones would say.

“Leave a little for another day.”