Crystal clear

The Parcel box arrived safely from Optics warehouse, ripping the box open and pushing aside the foam peanuts revealed the Optisan logo on another box, on opening this box I was happy to see everything had its own place in cut foam and was well protected.

Picking the evx 6-24x56i for the first time out the box it felt of solid construction, well finished and quite a nice looking scope, the 56 objective adds some weight but overall the scope is quite compact for its magnification output!

The turrets are superb, I am not going to lie I normally don’t opt for Scopes with such turrets (target type) the Optisan turrets are excellent and I like them!
They have a nice audible click, no mushy feel at all, both turrets mimic each other in operation, this is nice to see, I have owned similar types of Scopes over the years and sometimes you will get one turret which is crisp and audible and the other turret will be the complete opposite or side to side play when the turret is in the unlocked position, this is not the case with the Optisan EVX 6-24x56i.

Optisan EVX comes with side focus as well as an IR, in use the IR is bright enough on the lower setting to use quite nicely, it really comes into its own when the natural light fades, especially when shooting in the dense woodland or into dark spots, saying that I did not loose the reticule whilst shooting in the wood, it stands out really well to my eyes in these conditions.

Directly behind the IR you find the side focus for parallax adjustment, it is marked out clearly and works as it should, unfortunately my review scope did not come with side wheel so I could not test that, I did get on very well without it and didn’t run into any problems, I am not a target shooter, I hunt and plink so given the choice I’d choose not to fit one myself, I prefer to used my fingers instead but each to there own.

Glass is harder to describe because every persons eyes are totally different, to my eyes I thought the glass was great for the money, objects snap into focus really well blurring out the background with good clarity on the chosen target, colours are bright and vibrant, ETE is crisp with no fuzziness even at the higher  end of the mag.

I set the scope on 10x and could easily read the small print on news paper with a simple twist of the SF which was just 12 feet away! So this scope even with its high mag spec would still make a good ratting scope with the mag dropped to 6x and the ir glowing bright ratty wouldn’t have a chance tbf, and if you wanted to check his grin out in detail you have that x24 on standby if you feel like it.

That 56 objective lens is huge, with that lens comes a fair bit of weight, It does let plenty of light in and together with the multi coated glass serves it’s
purpose very well in low light conditions, the Illuminated etched MH10 reticule is very good, the illumination is consistent through out with sign of flare back, it’s a  handy feature on an already feature rich package.

Testing the EVX 6-24x56i in the field, I’m pleasantly surprised, the Optics are excellent as is the overall build quality! the reticule is excellent and the IR is the cherry on top for me!

It is hard to find fault with the this scope, if I had to say one negative it would be the weight, but anyone intending on purchasing this scope will already be familiar with such details.

unfortunately this scope has to go back to the guys at Optics warehouse.

  • Pros:
    Build quality
    Side parallax
  • Cons:

I’d have to say for the money this might just be the best value for money scope in its class!

All the best Lee.

Thank you to Optics warehouse for the opportunity!


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