I’d like to start this piece by explaining how I’d heard about Solware.
I’d heard nothing but good about the company in the shooting community, many friends of mine live locally to Solware and have been going to buy their gun goodies for years!
When I decided I wanted to buy the Evanix Rainstorm, and I’d just started writing little articles for the countryman’s diary, I decided it would be a great idea to order the new rifle from Solware, see what all the positive comments were all about and do a review at the same time… killing two birds with one stone!

I made a phone call firstly enquiring about the rifle I wanted; they didn’t have it in stock at that time, but ordered one in for me with no hesitation at all. I was then given a lot of information about the rifle and had a natter with Tye who works at the store.
I then introduced myself a little more and explained how I’d love to go about doing a short write up for the company and take a few pictures during my time visiting them, the team at Solware kindly agreed and discussed with me their YouTube channel, their events and what they are all about.
A week passed and the day before I was due to visit I made another phone call to just double check the rifle had come into store and that it was still okay to go down and do my little review. Another fantastic conversation on the phone and I was assured everything was all fine and that my Rainstorm was waiting patiently for me at the store. This perked me up a lot!

The day came for me to pick up the new rifle, now normally I would be dragging my extremely tired self out of bed, but on this day I was so excited about going that when my youngest awoke at 5am I was already dressed, and on my second cup of tea, bag packed for the day and ready to go!
The weather was horrendous!! Pouring with rain, terrible traffic and city citizen lunatics running out in from of the car every few hundred yards to cross roads, cars pulling out and cutting me up on the way, I’m surprised I even turned up alive… but then again, I don’t do too well in busy surroundings and this was my end of the sticks not theirs. Luckily as we got closer to Tamworth and we left the urban jungle of Birmingham city centre, the madness was left behind and it was quite a pleasant drive leading up to my destination! Although I was full of nerves and very anxious, I was still super excited to pick up the new Rainstorm and meet the guys I’d heard so much about.
When arriving I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to park, lots of parking spaces were offered and so I thought it would be very quiet inside. I was so wrong. Going through the shop door was like passing through the pearly white gates and entering airgun heaven. The sheer amount of guns on display and equipment available was a sensory overload! Just fantastic!! After taking a breather from being so overwhelmed round to the counter I noticed the shop was very busy with customers, Tye and Carl were up to their eyeballs in dealing with a few guys looking at guns and buying items, but they still made time to stop and make everyone a cup of tea and get the biscuits out… may I add a very nice cup of tea it was too! Definitely needed after my road trip.

After introducing myself and having a cuppa and natter, I handed over the cash for my new rifle and settled the paperwork. I was so excited, I wanted to get it out and play, but I had some work to do so got stuck right into taking some pictures of the store and all of its glory.

It was so hard to decide where to start, there was so much variety I was dumbfounded!! So I started with what I love the most, air rifles!

Solware stock all the major manufacturers and cater for all air rifle enthusiasts, from cheaper back garden plinkers right up to high end full on hunting rigs, not to mention all the equipment and    add-ons. From charging equipment, scopes, slings, Bipods, and last but not least pellets. I was delighted to see a good selection of FX rifles in shop as they’re one of my favourite manufacturers. I’ve owned a verminator in the past and fully intend to own another FX in the future.  The store also carry a really healthy selection of pre-owned air rifles at very affordable prices, all guns looked to be in really nice condition, so at a guess I think this store only take well maintained and much loved rifles.
For the back garden fun shooters they carry a wide range of paper targets, knock down and spinning metal targets, everything you’ll ever need to set up a really good fun plinking range in your own back garden.
For the air pistol enthusiast they carry some amazing target pistols and an excellent range of Co2 BB pistols, blowback and revolvers, again from the well-known manufacturers. I was also impressed that they had a good selection for people that are involved in archery.

For the last few years I’ve started a small collection of knives it caught my attention that they had in stock a good selection of blades that were very reasonably priced.
For the shot gun enthusiast again there was a good selection from the major manufacturers so if you’re sport is clay pigeon shooting , rough shooting and water fouling  I really recommend checking out the store or the website as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed on range and prices.
On a personal note I’d like to say the store had a really good atmosphere, an upbeat feeling to it, it felt modern and alive. It would be so great if all dealers had the same approach to customer service and I’d like to say a big thank you to the Solware team for donating prizes which will be put up for grabs on the Trigger Happy community page competitions in the very near future.

All the best Danni.

Thank you Solware for treating myself and many other customers with your warm hospitality.
Please visit the Solware website at –