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One of the reviews, I have always thought needed doing here in England shire, as well as the rest of the country is a gun shop or field sports shop review in each area. Well there maybe more than one in an area so I will do my best to cover them all or get some of you to send in your review/s of your local gun shop/s etc. So that you’re fellow hunting/fishing shooting or fieldsports enthusiasts can see what’s in the area, and go look for them etc. Now you may say if they are from the area they will know the gun shops etc. But what about people who newly move to an area, or maybe visiting family or friends or on holiday etc. These folk may not know of these places so with this in mind I am going to start the series The Countryman’s Corner.




Well where better to start, than one of my own local gun shops here in my beloved North Somerset, and a shop I have been associated with my entire life. The shop in question is of course Newavon Arms (The Bristol gun shop as they call themselves) a shop steeped in tradition for us North Somerset field sports folk.




I just don’t know where to start; I first went into this wonderful gun shop with my Pappy (granddad) Dad and my uncle Dave (a local farmer/gamekeeper). When I was just a small boy, the shop opened in a part of Bristol called Bedminster in South Bristol. The shop back then is not all that different to today, but in recent years the new owner Richard has moved the shop to the sleepy Village of Pill set just off the banks of the majestic, River Avon just outside of the city Bristol.




Back in those early days, I used to look forward to my trip to the gun shop as it meant we would be going shooting the following weekend. I remember the smell of pipe smoke from Old John, god rest his soul who always used to give me a Minto from his pocket if he saw me coming in. I remember the smell of wood, leather, guns, cartridges and a Christmas list I could only wish for as Young Hedge Creeper at the time. My Pappy always said one day son you can have that gun when your big enough he meant an 8 bore hammer gun that I fell in love with, that was mounted in a lovely glass fronted cabinet. It was to me a cannon; that I could go after those magical ghost riders the wild geese. I always dreamed of as a boy and well still dream of today and hear that ghostly echo in my sleep, especially just before wildfowling season starts.






Well the new and modern Newavon Arms, although in a new location still has these old time memories for me. As soon as I walk into the shop I am transported back all those years, to a young boy again. You see that shop has always been an Aladdin’s cave for the field sports enthusiast, it matters not whether you are a ferreting man or a deer stalker, a wildfowler a pigeon shooter or a driven game man, there is something for everyone in this shop. I just found a friend a Damascus side by side twelve bore, tucked away in there. The gun almost jumped out at me it’s a sweet little gun of British craftsmanship that is simply stunning and in pristine condition, for a gun well over 100 years old. That’s the sort of thing you just don’t find anywhere else but at Newavon Arms, like I say it’s an Aladdin’s cave indeed. I have found so many rare gems, in there over the years whether it be guns or something else field sports related.





Air rifle racks.


The shop itself is now vastly bigger than the original shop in Bristol, but still has that small back street gun shop feel with a modern twist. I think this has been balanced out by Richard and his team very well indeed, I could write all day about this shop but you must experience it for yourself. The vast shelves fully stocked with all a country boy could want or need, and all at a very reasonable price too. Richard or Matt are always on hand to advise demonstrate or just have a chin wag with you, and of course you will always be made to feel welcome here, with our famous West Country hospitality.

The racks of air rifles from Springer’s to PCPs (pre charged pneumatics) are always well stocked, with new and second hand air guns and indeed air pistols too. The big bore rifle section is a hunters or target man’s dream again, with new and used guns all in amazing condition and with prices to fit any budget. Boasting a vast scope section to choose from, with both new and quality second, hand scopes to go with the rifles, or air rifles. Then there is the shot gun section with everything from fine quality game guns, to clay shooting guns to the budget range, and everything in between to fit any taste or budget and again quality.


And as for ammo whether you are a re-loader or a black powder man, this shop has it all, as well as a vast off the shelf stock of everything from air gun pellets, right up to big bore bullets and a cartridge selection, that will be hard to choose from its vast range. Also the clothing section is brimming with all a countryman or woman could ask for as well as young country folk too.





There is also another string, to the bow of Newavon Arms. They also have in the shop, a hardware store with all you could think of so you can kill two birds with one stone as it were. As I did just the other day; I snapped off the key to the gate to one of my conservation areas gates, and did not have a spare for the lock I had to go to the gun shop to buy some steel cartridges, for that very evenings wildfowling. I was cussing as that key snapping really put me behind. Bowl me over I got a new key cut whilst I was there I couldn’t believe it, so as you can see this shop really is a handy shop to know.

What I will say if you are a local or here on holiday, or visiting friends or just here for the day don’t go away, without paying a visit to Newavon Arms, what I consider to be The Aladdin’s Cave for all field sports enthusiasts. If you want to find them click on their website: Here. And go in and see for yourself, it’s what so many of us West Country Boys and Girls already know, they also have ample parking and good access for the disabled right outside the shop.


Full bore rifles and scopes.


This review is just my humble opinion, I have not been paid to say any of this, and have written it from the heart.

f any other gun shops, etc. Would like us at The Countryman’s Diary to come along and write about your shop etc. Please drop us a line as Greg or myself would only be too happy to pay you a visit.

Please keep the amazing and positive emails and letters coming, we do try to answer you all personally.




Gun Shop Review: Newavon Arms of Bristol.


By, The Ole Hedge Creeper.


Aka: Rob Collins.