Well when I first heard, there was going to be a new gun shop opening in Bristol. I thought to myself, I have seen this before so nothing to get excited about, Oh how wrong could one man be. It opened in a part of South Bristol, I knew very well as I grew up there and was born there, as many of my family were before me. My first thoughts were blimey this is going to be a rough and ready sort of place, put together on the back of a beer mat sort of shop, I was so pleased when I was proven wrong. I will say the place has really grown on me, as The Dan’s, as they are known always make you feel so welcome. They are simply known as The Dan’s because both of their names are Dan if you catch my drift.


My first visit to the shop was by way of picking up some sponsored guns for Pass It On Young sports, Pass It On, that the amazing Air Arms gun company had sent to us. Needing them to be delivered to a Registered Fire Arms Dealer (RFD). Braces kindly agreed to take them in for us!

I must admit I was wondering what sort of place I would find, when on my way to the shop to pick the guns up. From the outside it looked pretty good but were looks going to be deceiving.


I pressed the buzzer to be let in the security door, and walked in to meet Dan(the boss), with a firm handshake a smile and impeccably dressed this impressed me right from the start, talk about great first impressions. I have been all over the world in all sorts of gun shops, and well quite frankly many English gun shops are un-welcoming, and to say the least stuck up and stuffy. Not here at Braces they treat every customer with the very same hospitality, whether you are browsing, buying a tin of pellets or spending an obscene sum of money on one of their fine English guns or other outstanding quality guns from other countries. Quite simply I loved this new modern gun shop, with the old world traditions, and they really have done a fine job on the shop too. If I did not know better I would swear I was in the Holland & Holland or Purdy shop with all its finery…


I have held off doing this review, until I had been to their pre Christmas 2013 open evening, I was kindly invited along to the grand official opening of their new gun room. So donning my tweeds and Sunday best, I went along with another friend from the field sports industry (AirgunGear TV) who was also invited along to this swaray. Right from getting there we were made to feel welcome, with nibbles and champagne, and well not one to refuse a glass or several of champers I tucked right in.


Looking around the shop and a newly built gun room, the cream of the field sports community were there with many old faces I knew, from either working with over the years or shooting with and beyond.


WOW! What a place this shop is. It literally screams class and culture and traditional elegance, with a modern twist, I simply cannot do this place justice with mere words. The wooden style of luxury with leather and purple felt backed gun displays. (See picture.) Make the amazing quality of the guns they have to show, stand out to the eye with all the elegance of, dare I say royalty and sheer beauty. The wooden floors and walls and elegant lighting really does make this place sweet to the eye, and for you to feel this you must visit this gem of a gun shop, that is hidden in a sea of rough that is Bristol.


Even the budget shot gun section that is well stocked, with quality second hand guns, just simply jumps out at you. As for the rifle and air rifle section, I don’t think I have enough space to do it justice. I will say that there is something to fit any one’s purse, and above all quality you will be hard pressed to find else where. The shop is so well stocked, with everything a shooting, hunting, fishing or countryman could ever dream of. At reasonable prices too, Ammunition from rifles to shotgun and air rifle pellets, the choice is so vast you will struggle to choose what you would like, If they have not got what you are looking for, they can order it in or advise of an alternative, this shop and the owners really go above and beyond to service all their customers needs.


I will say this is a shop where you will only ever get quality, whether its clothing or anything else field sports related, you won’t find any rubbish in this shop. Whilst at the Offical Open evening of the gun room and shop, I had a chat With Dan and he had this to say about how it all started.


“Braces Shooting is a family business opened in 2010, by Daniel Pool, Daniel’s father John is an international standard shot, travelling worldwide to compete and shoot for Great Britain in FITASC competitions, Daniel has been around shooting all his life, and has a keen interest in all areas of shooting from air rifles through shotguns to centre fire rifles.”



As Dan mentions they also have their own shooting ground, approx 15 Min’s from the shop and well I took a trip up there to see the ground and my ole mucker Robert Eaton, a top shooting coach and resident coach for Shooting UK. Who is often found on the ground giving lessons/advice etc. Robert is an amazing coach, and what I will say he is brilliant with the ladies and young sports. Anyone who knows Robert or had lessons with him will confirm that he really is an outstanding coach, and all round good egg with it. The ground is as exquisite as the shop and you will always be made to feel most welcome.

Braces Shooting School are based just fifteen minutes from the centre of Bristol, and is fully equipped with top of the range traps that can be adjusted to suit the needs of any shooter, John Pool is head coach and can take groups or individuals for private lessons.

Braces have a clay shooting club that operates a 50 bird sporting shoot with a barbecue on a biweekly basis all welcome for details.


If you want to find out about lessons with John or Robert or just go along to the ground or indeed the shop then here are their details (shop) 427 Wells Road Bristol BS42QW Tel: 0117 300 9956 Email: or Website: Here:



My Final words on Braces Shooting And Country Supplies and Shooting Ground, are you will always find a professional friendly amazing shop that balances old world refinery and tradition, with a modern worldly approach. The whole place from the welcoming and friendly greeting that awaits you. The shop that literally oozes grandeur of the finest quality no matter what the size of your purse or field sport discipline. You will not be disappointed with a visit to Braces and I guarantee you will come out carrying something, with a lighter purse smiling like a Cheshire Cat.


I hope you have enjoyed this review, I have not been paid to say any of this and is my honest humble opinion written from the heart as always, If you would like The Ole Hedge Creeper ( to review your filed sports product/shops etc. then drop us a line and we will only be to glad help if we can Or see us over on The Countryman’s Diary ( and please keep the amazing and positive emails and letters coming to the Countryman’s Diary Offices.

Braces Shooting And Country Supplies And Shooting Ground Review.

By The Ole Hedge Creeper.
Aka Rob Collins.