Clued up cluson

Well as things go there are several companies in the shooting industry that started out with an ethos to make a quality product no matter what, and one of them is Clulite. Which started way back in the day and still going from strength to strength now. Their latest offerings are a million miles away from carrying batteries the size of cars and lamps the size of bricks.

The modern lamp now boasts a wealth of features we could only ever dream of, being old enough to be able to remember how shooting lamps used to be, my first lamp was a motorbike battery in an ice cream tub on a belt with a car spotlight, with six feet of wires and battery acid leaking if you tipped it over. Which would then eat your clothes! To the new modern world of Cree led torches the Cree led is very small, but extremely bright, a led around 3 mm across can with the right power behind it make a beam of light 300 meters long.

So those lovely people at Clulite gave me some lamps to try out. Knowing full well as a mainly solo hunter I needed a light powerful and very useful. The models they sent to me are as follows.

The Interceptor gun light.

The Master lite supreme.

The MG125.

The Clu- brighter.

Taking the Interceptor first we open the box to find foam lining with a very eye catching set up tucked inside. With the mains charger, vehicle charger, light, colored filters and a handle also there is a remote switch and the gun mount. That’s a lot in a box! All for £160.00.

Out of the box the gun light has 3 settings, strobe half beam and full beam. The strobe feature is handy as a distress signal, very useful if you have an accident at night. Half beam will give you 20 hours use and full will give around 3 hours constant mount to a gun you place the mount       onto your scope and then slide the light on to the split prong, do up the thumb screws and your set attaching the remote switch is just a simple jack plug in the back of the light and they even come with sticky Velcro pads for mounting on the rifle stock. The remote switch has a single press on/off or a moment setting, holding it down gives light releasing it switches the light off. On the front of the light is a rubber sleeve, remove this insert a colored filter and slide the sleeve back on job done.



Out in the field it adds 455g in weight to the rifle, which sounds a lot but as you can place it on the rifle’s balance point its absorbed into it.

I found that as an air rifle hunter using half power was fine even on the worst nights I choose to go out, wind rain and fog didn’t stop the light. As a simple set up for the professional this lamp is great. And with a 8 hour charge time you can plug it in as you go to work and it will be ready when you come home.

The next lamp is the Mg125, now this is a simply amazing bit of kit a torch just 13cm or 5 inches long it packs a punch with a beam that travels 150 meters. From a battery just a bit bigger than an AA .And just £52.00.


In the box you get the torch a gun mount remote switch and the charger, at just over 220g it is a pocket size performer. I found this great for the air rifle and perfect around the home too. And at just a shade over £52 it won’t break the bank.

The next one in the line up is the master lite supreme, this looks just like a large torch but that’s where it stops. It can throw a beam 250 meters and only weighs in at 380 grams. And mounts the same as the mg125. Filters are available as well.which just slide over the front and nip up on a thumb screw. The filters themselves are lighting cell in a plastic disc that you just unscrew then swap out, and carry on. Running on the same battery as the MG125, and with the light mounted it is fully adjustable, and is a cracking piece of tech.With a price tag of £110.00 it is a good price for a multi purpose light.


The clue-brighter was also sent to me running the same system as the interceptor, and is used by many search and rescue teams world wide.


All these lights are fantastic to use, have a feel of true workmanship to them, and are all British made under the every watchful eye of Mr Gordon clue, who at the grand old age of 70 is still very much in charge of the company he started all those years ago supplying farmers with a tough durable light.



The original clulite, made over 40 years ago.