Cindy Adendorff

Gunstock Carving by Cindy Adendorff


These stunning images are created in a little corner of Africa by a lady with skill, talent, and a bloody sharp chisel!!!

So while your drooling over them, scroll down to read a small insight into the creator of these 1 of a kind works.




Hi my name is Cindy Adendorff. I reside in and work in South Africa and I specialize in detailed and unique gunstock carvings. I like to think of my carvings as artworks. Each scene I design and carve is a once off carving, so if I design it for you, it will be a unique piece of art,Only yours…..I create all the designs myself to fit the clients specific needs and requests.

I don’t just cater and create carvings at National level,I was been tasked by International clients to complete carvings for them as well. I carved this Buffalo carving with Scrolls for Mr. John Kofoed on a 500A Square gunstock from Norway.

As there are many photos showing this buffalo, here is the link to the albumn, and many more.Here.