Choices, choices.



The joys and tribulations of choosing a new optical instrument have been quite an exiting adventure of late, especially with the new Air Arms Galahad on the horizon. This is where I knuckle down and build a combination in my head, it has to be a perfect fit, with the right tonic of balance with weight taken to mind, but one has to look the business, pleasing to the eye.


We all know by now who I am, and what I do best, so lets move on to what’s cooking up in my avid hunting mind. The long awaited Air Arms Galahad is slowly squeezing through the doors of our local gun shops. Firstly my choice was a hard one, with all that was on offer from Air Arms regarding the many different guises this sport pup actually has, what a enjoyable head-ache this was going to be, “if you know what I mean”.


The Galahad has three stock choices, black rubberized finish, walnut and beech. The latter is not my preferred choice, as if its damaged, there’s no return, so beech is ruled out straight away. Now the black actually looks and feels good, and offers the owner less worry where weather and strict hunting conditions are concerned. I was close here, with my hunting world being everyday, where all the elements of Mother Nature will surely test the rifles slick strong black finish. I had to settle on the pure strength and beauty of a walnut stock, especially as my good wife’s bank account is going to drop by over a grand. I have to get my new combo right first time.


Right let’s move on to what’s a little more important, as you know by now the Galahad’s action is going to regulated and or non regulated, this is a tough choice for me, no means easy. I have always used Air Arms rifles for most of my hunting career. All of them have had no regulator on board, and have been world class over the chronograph time and time again, over their respective power curves. The Air Arms S410 and 510 are time proven legends and have been manufactured by Air Arms not needing a regulated action. So why a. regulator now? Well I can understand for our foreign counterpart’s having the luxury of 30ftlbs of power and needing more shot count, so I won’t dispute that one. What I can’t get my head around is why the regulator now, and in our legal limit of 12ftlbs. I go out hunting nearly every-day with my sub twelve foot pound rifle, and can shoot up-to 30 or 40 rabbits in one session, more than I’d like to carry for sure, so why have hundreds of shots as a hunter? I do respect the use of regulated guns at your local club, where you can reel off a tin of pellets in one session, and the extra shots are most welcome. Well my Conclusion is the Galahad will be walnut stocked and most definitely unregulated for my pest control rounds.


The next bit was quite a tough choice for sure. The Air Arms Galahad also comes in a rifle length or carbine. Here is where I was confused for a while, both variant’s are short anyway, so it was a matter of gun-fit to my body preferences. I settled on the carbine version as I am a fully mobile hunter that also does a lot of pest control from the 4×4. Don’t get me wrong here, the rifle length still feels good and will suffice for sure, also offering more shots per charge, but were here again, why do we need hundreds of shots on a hunting foray?


My minds made up, my Galahad choice, as follows.

Air Arms Galahad .177 caliber, walnut stock, unregulated, carbine.


Choosing an optic was an easier affair. Of late I have had the pleasure of testing the Hawke range of scopes. Firstly I have had great results with the Vantage range, no loss of zero, and witnessing a rise in general quality over the past two years or so. So with my Galahad on order, I decided I needed a flag-ship optic for my new sport-pup. There are so many choices in the Hawke range. I was certainly spoiled for choice here for sure, was it to be Hawke Frontier, or a Sidewinder. It wasn’t until I picked up an Hawke Air-max30. I started to see some light for my Galahad, here is the right choice for this rifle.


The Hawke’s Air-max30SF 4-16×50 looks stubby and short but packed with features such as the 16 layer optical glass for enhancing light transmission and clarity. One thing that did impress me was the fully floated AMX reticle and the small Hawke logo in the vision of the cross-hair, a small but likeable feature, well done Hawke. It also has plenty of magnification for precise long range accuracy; the 4-16 definitely covers that one. My optical choice was made while testing and checking all the range at the recent Midland game-fair. All the Hawke staff that day was on the ball and most helpful, also the gift was an exiting touch to my fruitful visit to the stand. My new Hawke baseball cap will be worn with pride from now on, to show off how proud I am to be part of the Hawke team, maybe a future sponsor who knows.


The package was impressive and well presented. The Hawke Air-max comes with a sunshade and a side focus parallax wheel, lens polishing cloth, also a spare battery for the illuminated AMX reticle.


The target style turrets are well impressive, with a locking dial at the top of the turrets, so your zero will never be lost due to rubbing in gun-bags or clothing. The clicks are positive and precise so there won’t be issues during zeroing sessions. The magnification ring is one of my favorite features being rubberized with some stippling for grip during my hunting forays.


This particular scope should be a great addition for my Air Arms Galahad, also it will work well with my Nite-site Wolf, according to the Hawke sales representative, the company work in tandem with Nite-site, and Air Arms, so all good here for sure. I am now well a truly exited that my new chosen combo has links with other brands to bring us such a deadly hunting combination.