CB625 Chronoscope

CB625 Chronoscope.


This is a must for all shooters of air rifles. Being on the correct side of the law, is better than up to 5 years in prison and a hefty £1000 pound fine. All for thinking or believing that a few more foot pounds will make a difference to your rifle.

Having contacted www.chronoscopes.com. Robin kindly rang me to say They would  send me a unit to review; it arrived promptly 3 days later in the box you can see. With clear user guide.  Including a message at the bottom of the guide “If any problems arise please feel free to contact us for help.”

There are not many companies that happy to help!.

The unit comes in two halves, being joined by a dovetail type joint. And locked in place by the large silver thumb wheel.

There is a setting rod than can be ordered as well as a PC connection wire. The setting rod allows the user to line up the bore with the laser eyes of the unit.

The whole unit is held on the rifle via elastic bands. As with all firearms Safety first. Make sure your rifle or pistol is unloaded; slide the elastic bands onto the rifle. And line up the Chrono holes with the bore. Pushing the top of the 2 buttons switches the unit on and resets the display. The other buttons are feet per second and foot pounds of force. As you can see in the above picture, my rifle is doing just under 11 ft lbs. With Crossman accupel, which weigh in at 14.3 grains.

On the unit you can set the weight of the pellets being used .And then read out in Fps or Ft Lbs.

Safety first between shots, the unit needs to have the reset button pushed, so take your time and remember there is a chance the rifle could be loaded as a lot of PCP rifles auto index the magazine. Using a pellet catcher or other safe back stop, fire at least 5 shots to get a good string of readings. The unit also shows lowest and highest with an average velocity.

The unit weighs in at 55 grams or 4 oz. In old money. And is 150mm long or 6 inches.

This is a must if you hunt or shoot. Can highly recommend this, one for the tool box. And at £ 50 pound it’s cost was nothing to being on the good side of the law. Also just to note that they stock all spares from the laser eyes, to the circuit boards.

Countryman’s Score 10/10.