Canting Clay’s


Hello again guys it’s JT back here,

So recently I decided that I wanted to try shooting a side by side shotgun having only ever shot over and under I though it may well bring a extra challenge to my shooting, obviously it’s changes from shooting a over and under so I set out and bought a Baikal sbs 410.

Now Baikal guns are made in Russia and many people slag them off for their build quality, now I will admit they are rough around the edges but for a budget gun you can’t ask for more if I’m honest, it will do what a £2000, gun will but it’s what you can afford and are happy shooting, after all that’s what really matters as long as it fits and feels good you can’t ask for anymore.

Now why 410 I can hear you asking? Well this little caliber is a very very underrated and I love it!!!!

A lot of people tend to mock shooters of a 410 playing it off as a ‘kids gun’ but funny when you challenge them to a few clay’s shooting a 410 they never seem to accept!?!

Maybe they don’t want to be shown up, by a kids gun as they call it. Maybe they need all that extra lead in the air to be able to hit that clay! Who knows but all I know is the 410 is still a capable caliber.

So having a chat with my good friend Rob Collins and my father we decided to go for a shoot on the clay’s having those two grown up shooting sbs guns of all calibers seemed they would be two people to help me adjust to shooting a sbs.

So we arrived at the clay ground and set up on our first stand Rob wanted me to mount the gun to check all was OK, I brought it up and mounted the gun and straight away saw I was canting my gun when mounting it meaning I was twisting the gun and this would in turn would cause me to miss the clay’s so once I knew and changed how I mount the gun we started shooting.

I missed the first few clay’s as it felt totally different from shooting the usual over and under but after a few shots I started hitting them I hit a few corkers some left to right crosser’s. Then some right to lefts after a few we moved on to the next stand this one was a high tower shooting I’d say about 50 yards in front of us shooting midis around 35-40yards above us now these were fast and as I shot at a few I missed them and Rob watched behind me and yep you guessed it, I was canting the gun again!

Now being the wrong side of 21 stone I was finding the way I was holding the gun I was quite tense and this is what was causing me to canter the gun so Rob and dad got me to relax while holding the gun that was I’d hold the gun flat as it were meaning I wouldn’t be shooting high with one barrel and low with the other. After again relaxing and firing a few shots.

I started to hit them regularly so it was the canting that was causing me to miss the buggers, once I had that under control my shooting improved tenfold!

I mean all of us were shooting clay’s previously being shot and missed at by people with 12gauges like I said earlier it’s a very underrated caliber and in the right hands can be more than capable on game vermin and clay’s.

We spend a few more hours at the ground enjoying dusting clay’s with the 410. we had loads of fun the banter was flowing between us all and I will admit it may have been one sided as the older generation thought they’d show this young buck how it was done and by god they both shot well, if I become half as good a shot as either, l will be very happy, and will tell you all that!

But if I talk to either or any of you talk to either tell them they need practicing to get as good as me ha-ha! over all I’m not happy shooting my sbs 410 now to get it out on the pigeons and shooting bolting rabbits over the ferrets but I’m going to let that be for another article!

So if your missing clay’s or game with your shotgun get a qualified coach to watch you shoot maybe your doing the same as I was and cantering your gun causing those misses!

Until next time ladies and gents keep hunting and shooting straight.

Over and out JT