Cage Fighting

Along with many methods of controlling pest numbers, one of the most tried and trusted methods is and always will be trapping. these days we favor using catch alive traps and some are shall we say a lot better than others, one company that make all traps in house is Katch-it traps of Hampshire, is a little well known name in the trapping world, being run by Rob, a 3rd generation game keeper, and all round good egg.

Using the best gauge wire and materials to hand they carefully construct every trap by hand, and to the best quality standards going. For they run on the ethos its only good when our names on it, and until its passed through the hands of the boss it doesn’t get the stamp of approval.

Multi trap works well.

You can come along to the Mighty North Somerset Show, the Monday bank holiday  that’s the 6th of May.

Just outside of Nailsea J18 on the M5.

And Robert is there in the Pass it on marquee offering sales, hints, tips, and advice on using his traps.

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