BSA Ultra

BSA Ultra.


Made by Bsa guns here in Birmingham, UK. The Ultra is a combination of small is beautiful and size does not matter. At 82 cm or 32” with its own suppressor on it. We opted for the Weihrauch suppressor. To reduce the noise to an audible click form the hammer and nothing else. It’s a question of have I fired it or not, great for a hunting gun.

Opening the box we are greeted by an ambi beech stock with some very fine grain and markings in it. Lifting it out of the box, it’s got a bit of heft to it. Size is deceptive as it such a sturdy little gun weighing in at 2.8 k or 5.7 lbs., you half think it’s going to be lighter than it is, but those clever people at Bsa have balanced it out . We added the Weihrauch suppressor and a 3-9 x40 Bsa deer hunter scope and took it to a shoot to get her zeroed and see what she does where she belongs.

Now weighing at 3k or 6.1 lbs. and now 37 “ long, its stable on aim and comes straight to your shoulder. Using the MMS (micro movement system) to load is almost second nature. Flick the bolt release catch on the right hand side insert a pellet into the breach close the bolt probe and then using your left fingers slide up till the cocking plunger and squeeze in to the rifle.

The BSA Review

Zeroing a rifle is an easy step . Depending on calibre and your preferred zero mark. We went for a 25 yard zero. So we placed a target on the ground and went to a measured 12.5 yard range. Here we fire five shots at the target adjust the aiming turrets to coincide with the cross hairs fire another five pellets to fine tune it.. Then replace card move out to  25 yards for a final zero. And it should be dead on aim.

Mooching around my shoot to one of the hotspots, I can see some familiar ears poking through the grass. A squeak from my lips and click off goes a 14.3 g accupell zingy off to meet the rabbits bonce. A satisfying crack signals a clean head shot, and down it goes.

Several more fall to the ultra. And a very enjoyable hunt it was.

In review the ultra-proved its worth, light, easy to load , comes to aim nice. And does what it says on the tin. Would I buy one I did  and the lovely lady indoors claimed  it for herself. Loves everything about it especially being of a medium build for a lady she handles it as if it was made for her.
To sum up:


177 / .22                              7/10

Value for money
Under £400 for a rifle  for any hunt. 8/10

Bsa silencer with it upgrade around £40
Multi version + £100.

40/50. Good buy.