Boldking Razor

Boldking Razor.



Well as some of you may know the team at the diary are mainly rough around the edges country boys, now every now and again we have to look a bit here after.

Now I can hear you saying we always look rough, but we aren’t that bad yet, well Rob is but hey he is from Zumersetshire and they all be strange up there.


Know I was looking after our groups on Facebook the other week and came across an advert for a new razor being launched in the UK with a whole new ethos on shaving, now many lads use the 2 most popular wet razors on the market Gillette and Wilkinson sword. I include myself on that list I use Wilki razors and have done since I started shaving a very long time ago. We used to use pterodactyl wings, but have run out.


Now my current razor is the Wilki classic, a deep moody razor, no safety on this bad boy, it’s a double edge blade held in place with compression from the 2 part handle and head. Please see images.


This is the razor I have used since day one and along with my genuine badger brush and soap has served me well, now when I was a full time chef I shaved every other day had hair kept neat and was happy, now I’m a family man and look after the wife who is not well, I tend to shave less and less so sometimes its 4 or 6 days growth.


Now using the classic I get a very close shave, to the point if you pause, mid stroke you can cut yourself, and never try taking the blade sideways, you will regret it.


So I was looking at this Boldking razor and thought I would give them a shout to see if there claims are any good.

I was replied to by Charles who said to send main office a quick mail and see what they said, and low and behold 4 days later I get a very nice package turn up, alas I was at the game fair so left it till I returned, which would give any razor a test, 4 days living it up at Ragley hall.


So I did a time lapse video of a normal shave using the Boldking razor, now here is a different kettle of fish. Its finish is in matt black with green accents and the head has 3 yes three blades spaced apart more than normal as they have found jamming a lot of blades in a small space does not allow the hair to lift and the face to relax between strokes.


Now I normally use the classic, 1 blade 2 edges that get the job done if not a bit too close sometimes, they are prone to the odd razor burn.

So I have shaved several times and guess what I like it, nice snag free strokes, cleans easy and the multi angle head does a good job. Now I tested it the best way I could after returning from the game fair with 5 days growth, the Boldking glided through like a razor should. I have included pics from not shaving for another 4 days to see how even the re growth was and I can’t fault it. The Mrs has commented that it’s a little rougher after the BK shave compared to normal, but at a fraction of the cost you can’t go wrong.

Now here is the really cool thing, instead of spending £20 every few months to get new blades, BK offer a recycling service, bit like the milkman, you simply sign up, return you old blades for cash off the new ones. Great idea, from an old idea.



Right to summarize you get a good quality razor, a set of blades, and some post-shave lotion and a small sucker, to stick the razor to the tiles,included in the initial outlay, an opportunity to save a little money and some planet resources at the same time.


The only negative I could find, was the post shave balm, it has very little scent, but the Mrs says it’s not a nice smell and rather musky.