Big brown down


I went out this morning to one of my original properties I got permission to hunt.
This property produced my first and second coyotes in one weekend that started my addiction and has been a great producer since!
I arrived about the same time as daylight would normally but the cloud cover had it delayed.

 My plan with the southwest wind was to walk to the west side of the property and call facing the east since the cloud cover would block the sun.
As I start my hike I spot a coyote trotting to the southeast. You could tell it had detected me but it wasn’t spooked.
So for some reason I decided to alter my plans and set on a nice thick fence row just to my south and facing south. There is a thicket to the east of this property that makes a great bedding area for all sorts of critters so I assumed it sought cover there.
I started with a high pitched distress on my Reese Outdoors Double Buck diaphragm. I kept it real low at first to just try to peak it’s interest. After no response and several increases in intensity and volume I spot movement through the fog about 400 yards straight south of me.
I scope it out and it is a young whitetail buck.
After the heart rate calms a bit I play a couple of rounds of woodpecker distress.
No takers.

As I am contemplating my next move the ranch owner comes to put out some feed. The gate will very clearly announce your presence at this place. He drives down through the front of the property with the truck in granny low and climbs up on the flat bed and slowly dumps a bag of range cubes out as the driver-less truck creeps across the field. It was sort of entertaining to see this old country boy makin do !

I sit patiently and wait for the gate to announce that he has left the property.
When I return my focus to calling I am now on the stand for approximately on the stand for about 35 minutes.
I now decide to try to imitate an intruder and try to play to the territorial side since the belly appeal had not worked.
SO I let out a nice high pitched howl sequence on my Reese Double Reed Howler. I try to sound like either a young male looking for it’s own territory or a female looking for love.
On the next sequence to increase my reach I use the Mini Surge Amp Horn from Reese!

After a second sequence I spot movement coming from the southwest. This coyote is crossing straight across the middle of the field!
It is taking is time and is definitely alert! At about 100 yards it quickly looks back to the south and this allows me to get my rifle into position. It turns back my way and trots about another 15 yards and stops broadside to analyze the situation.
I took the generous opportunity to send a round!
Big female down!

She tipped the scales at 42 pounds 9 ounces which is very large for a coyote and extremely large for a female coyote!
 She was a beast but she will not be prowling this pasture anymore!
Both the landowner and myself were pleased!

~ JJ