Summer Mooch.


It was around July of this year when my good mate Dave invited me to a mooching weekend with him and his cousins……mooching is what we call a walk about no set plan in mind just a catapult and a pocket full of lead shot……well that sounded better than sitting on my arse all weekend so I couldn’t refuse an offer like that!

As the lamping and ferreting season only run through late Autumn and Winter there is little for us lads do in the summer so the catapults come out and with longer days we can roam the fields and woods and take a pot shot here and there.
I went to Dave’s place on the Friday night and the plan was to have a good cook up in Dave’s fire pit and make a load of lead shot I provided a nice piece of lead for our ammo……..and yes the lead was of course gained legally!

There were a couple of Dave’s relatives there that I had not met before two keen lads Danny tom and his brother Bill and young Kieran who id met before.
We all had a good bit of banter sat round the fire pit that night talking about hunting, dogs and ferrets whilst we made the lead shot, we made more than enough lead shot to last us the whole season let alone a mooch day! And cooked up some good ole bacon and eggs……its times like these that you really couldn’t put a price tag on genuine what I call real people who enjoy the simple things in life it really was a great evening with all of us talking and laughing well into the small hours!
The next day we were all up and raring to get mooching, Dave’s mum had been up and about making 7 very large meat puddings for us to have when we got back……lovely stuff!

Well our mooch had began we had miles of countryside to wander at will and that’s exactly what we did, as we all made our way through the first field sticking close to the hedge i spotted a woddie sat sheltered in a tangle of Hawthorne I took aim with my trusty catty……thwwwwaaaaaakkkk!! A big puff of feathers and down came my woodie!! We were well and truly in mooching mode as dave spotted a squirrel not 50 yards away from where i shot the pigeon Dave stayed on one side and sent Danny tom and bill round the other side of the tree to flush him round…….. Dave bagged his squirrel!
Next up was young Kieran the lad stalked a rabbit and pulled off a great head shot brilliant to watch and he was proud as punch with that!

Danny tom got himself a pigeon and young Bill shot a crow off a fence post, wow these boys know how to shoot catapults…….there was some lead flying around that day i tell ya!!
We walked a hell of a distance in our mooch that day but its. Better to appreciate and see the wild things and be out with the lads who truly respect the land and nature around them!! We saw deer, rabbits, hare, pigeons, crows as well as lapwings,swallows and various other songbirds. As we walked, the lads were constantly practicing with the catapults, and I managed to break the rubber on mine.

luckily Dave bought extra elastic just in case this happened and in no time at all he had my catty up and shooting again!! We all sat and practiced with the catties in the field and I needed to get used to the new more powerful bands dave had replaced on my cattie but it was great fun to see the lads shoot as this is part of there tradition and way of life, the young lads out n about mooching are keeping this way of life and tradition going.

We slowly made our way back to Daves house where we were greeted by the beautiful smell of meat pudding and the fire pit lit and ready Daves dad and danny toms mum ,dad n young brother and sister had come along and it really was great to sit an enjoy good food and banter with great friends in my mind you cant get any better than good food, fire and good company with stories of the day being told old stories and hunting tales being relived what a way to end a superb weekend……..and after all that meat pudding I had to go for another mooch!

Thanks to Dave, David,Danny,Danny tom,Bill,Kieran,and of course to Daves mum and Daveana for the meat puddings!!
It really was a cushdy catapult day;)



Ole Rascal.