Connie De Jong


We all love a cracking day out, whether it be on fur, feather, fin or something special.

So we are starting a new section on the diary, cultural pastures, where we will be bringing a round up of everything tasty, from paintings to food and drink. and yes I know about the diet…

Up first is a dutch hunter, painter, and wildlife photographer.


Connie de Jong, hunter and Wildlife artist:


Hello I’m Connie de Jong; I started to hunt at the age of 18 years old in the year of 1980.

I started my hunting carrier in the Netherlands, but then I went to Austria hunting chamois and this was the beginning of my abroad hunting adventures. Almost at the same time I started to draw and paint. My examples were Rien Poortvliet, Rodger MC Phail and Andrew Ellis. At first I painted for myself and close friends, later on I’d get more and more assignments.


My life in the nature surrounded with wildlife, game and my hunting adventures where my biggest inspiration. In my younger years id trained very much gundogs, those gundogs were also a big inspiration for my paintings.

Selling my paintings, resulting in more abroad hunting, soon I’d focus on mountain hunting, hunting on ibex. I hope I can manage soon my Ovis Grand Slam, when I do, I’m the third man of the Netherlands who accomplice this very special sets of hunting adventures.



I had hunted all over the world now, seen a lot of wildlife in their natural habitat. This watching and observing all kind of wildlife in their natural habitat is one of my favourite things to do. The quiet and peace in nature is so beautiful, ill almost haven’t the words for it. So my paintings will tell the story’s for me.


Unfortunately Internet and my busy schedules are the reason that I can’t paint and sell a lot as I maybe would or could do. On this moment I’m very busy with hunting in the Netherlands and abroad with my girlfriend who hunts to. Together we enjoy every minute outside, in nature, observing and hunting in the biggest sense of the word.





Link to his paintings.