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So as many of you know us country folks are a bit skilled, from making award winning cakes and jams, to arts and craft skills, and we love to show a different  side to us.

So by chance on one of the many groups I’m a member of, is a chap called Lee, and he put up some pics that his Daughter had done of some air rifles.

Now I spot these get chatting with Lee and then his Daughter who is called Sharnah, So we have done a Q&A and she has kindly sent over some quality art for you guys to look at.

So enjoy some real talent and I would buy now before she gets really famous..

I am a 19 year old self-taught artist living in the Scottish Highlands, although I am originally from Cumbria. I have a great love of the beautiful natural scenery offered by my home, and its many colorful creatures and landscape scenery are huge influences in my art style.
Art has always been a passion of mine, and someday I would like to see this passion bloom into a small business. This is what has brought me here today, in the hopes of kick starting my career in art.
Hope you all enjoy my page, please feel free browse through my stock of original pieces and prints.


Well you might be thinking why are we showcasing one so young to be featured, but when we show your her skill level we think you will agree with us she deserves a boost.

This young lady is the daughter of one of the group owners and had shared a few of her drawings she had done on folks air rifles.

I by chance I spotted the raw talent, and made the leap to ask if we could showcase her on the diary, and it turns out drawing air rifles is not the only thing this ladies talents hit, check out this parrot and Mrs Moo the Highland cow.

Painting timelapse ??

Posted by Sharnah's Art on Saturday, 26 January 2019

I bet you get asked all the time, so where does your name come from, it sounds Celtic?

There is no direct translation for my name but the closest i can find is that its an ancient variation of the name Jane meaning ” god is gracious” however it may also be a variant spelling of the name Charna which is derived from the old slavic word meaning “dark” I dont take much notice i always just say its an unusual name!

So Sharnah, how long have you been painting and drawing?

I have been interested in art since the age of 9 but I’ve only been taking art seriously for 2/3 years. I was encouraged to post some artwork on social media about 3 years ago by family members, and my partner and since then it has become a regular thing, with commissions starting about 2 years ago. since then, it’s taken off in a pretty big way and I’m delighted!

I know you live in the Highlands of Scotland, does it help with inspiration?

Most of my artwork (excluding commissions) has been based on local landscapes and wildlife, both of which Caithness has lots of. So there is lots of inspiration up here for any artist!

Do you prefer abstract or animal art?

I love both. I like being able to paint with any colour with abstract paintings. I love the challenge of drawing animals and getting the proportions and colours right!

I included your etsy page how often do you add items for sale?

Thank you! I aim to add new artwork and prints monthly.

Link to shop.

Do you prefer pencil or paint for the colours?

I prefer pencils but i’m also happy with a paintbrush in my hand! mixing paint colours is a bit harder than using coloured pencils but once you know what to mix, you’re already halfway there! One can be just as challenging as the other depending on what the style of art is, but it’s very rewarding to see the piece taking shape, and finally finished. I love hearing all the positive reactions to my artwork so far!

I know some artist like painting on different board mediums, “the paper used.” like watercolour or oil do you have a preference?

I use 300gsm (140lb) watercolour paper so the paper can take a lot of layers of pencil or watercolour paint.

Do you have a goal or a dream with the art?

My goal is to work full time making art.

Do you want to be exhibited in a gallery or a museum one day?

I’ve never put much thought into that, but it would be amazing to have my art featured in a gallery!

How long does a drawing take, pencil or paint?

It depends on what i use. so a graphite drawing would take me maybe 5/6 hours, coloured pencil drawings take a lot longer as i layer the pencil from lightest to darkest colour so it would take me maybe 8-10 hrs over the course of a couple of days and painting could take upto a few days, depending on the size, colour and complexity of the piece!

Do you take on commissions?

Yes i take commissions. Many people have had drawings/paintings from me. im happy to attempt anything!

For people that like drawing but a worried about taking it further what would you tell them?

Social media has helped me get recognized a lot, especially Pinterest. I’d say just to keep working and not doubt yourself, and try different types of art and maybe find your art style. A lot of improvement can come from the simplest of things, even a change of pencil/paper can make a huge difference to the finish of a piece. what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa!

Who inspires you?

I don’t get inspired by many people but my favourite artist is Salvador Dali. colour, animals and scenery is what inspires me.

Desert island time, what 5 things would you take with you?

I’d probably take a sketchbook, a mechanical pencil, sharpener,  my phone and my dog hahahahha!

And a huge thanks to Sharnah for taking the time to fill this in…


Whale painting timelapse ?

Posted by Sharnah's Art on Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Heres the venom timelapse if anybody is interested in seeing it from start to finish??

Posted by Sharnah's Art on Monday, 24 September 2018

Her Facebook page is here.

The full timelapse ??✏

Posted by Sharnah's Art on Friday, 31 August 2018