Aquagraphix Hydro-dipping.

An interview with David, owner of Aquagraphix.

After doing some research on the web, I found a company  in the town of Blackwood situated between Caerphilly and Merthyr Tydfil in  Wales .In a ordinary looking industrial unit is where some magic happens. Behind the closed doors are some very state of the art processes happening. It’s a process called hydro dipping. This involves a large specialist water tank, where a special film is laid on the water, next chemicals are added to create the magic, then as items are dipped into the water the pressure wraps the item in the film and coats it in one go, The chemical’s  are a trade secret as well as some of the  processes..

So David how long has Aquagraphix been running?

Since September 2012 with months of practicing and perfecting this very difficult technique.

What got you started into dipping?

My previous background in custom painting has made me aware of the process, I used to custom paint smart cars and this is the process used by smart themselves to coat some body panels, I was always being asked if I could coat panels in the same way. At that time, only certain companies could obtain the materials but now it is more commercially available. When I was made redundant and had my first child I decided now was the time to make a successful business that I can hand down to my daughter one day.

What can be dipped?

Anything non porous that can be submerged in water can be coated. Wood, Plastic, Metal, Leather. If it can be painted, it can be dipped.

Is there anything that cannot be dipped.?

Not really, the only limit is the size of our tank which is 2mx1m and holds 2500litres

So how long have you been dipping air rifles?


I have practiced on a few over the months but only over the last couple of months have we been offering a rifle service and it’s going very well. We also have a local gunsmith who can strip down and service all the guns sent to us for a very low fee so that’s just another handy service to offer our customers.

And how much does it cost for an air rifle stock to be dipped?

Prices start from around £80 depending on condition etc.

Do you dip other parts?

Barrels, scopes, air cylinders etc, we dip each part separately.

How long is the process and the turn around?

We like to say 7 to 10 working days but depends on our workload at the time. If we are busy we will book you into our diary to do your job at a later date. We try to stick to the 7 to 10 day time limit where possible.

Can you dip shotguns and FAC rifles?

Yes and as above we use a local gunsmith who will strip down, service and rebuild your gun for a nominal charge should you require it. Stocks and barrels removed from the gun are legal to post as long as we don’t get sent the action that’s fine

Do customers need to prep their Rifles in any way?

Just clean down and degrease so we don’t contaminate the workshop with oils or greases.

Do you need the whole rifle?

Not necessarily, before we had the use of a gunsmith we were accepting guns stripped down by the customer and just having the parts the customer wanted dipping sent in the post so if you prefer to do that is fine. We ask that parts be marked where no paint is required to avoid clearance issues when reassembling.



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My rifle is now a piece of art. Even when wet it is super grippy, and hard wearing.