An eye for an eye


Well folks I’m lucky enough to test and review some cracking products for the diary,

The latest one being MTC Rapier range finder, this is a compact hand held unit with a great list of features.

Features include:

  • OLED high visibility display
  • 6x magnification
  • 25mm objective lens
  • 4mm exit pupil
  • Field of view – 122m at 1000m
  • Multi-coated 4x prism
  • Single fast-focus eyepiece
  • Eye-safe laser
  • +/- 1m accuracy
  • Single and scan modes
  • Speed function
  • Selectable units – meters or yards
  • Reflection quality indicator
  • 162g, 75x40x110mm
  • MTC Rapier 2 rangefinders are supplied with a carrying strap, protective case with belt loop, and an optical cleaning cloth.


And this unit will work in the dark, and because of the oled display you can read it too.

Now in my field trials I found only one flaw and that was taking a reading through the windscreen, as its multilayered glass, but all other windows were fine, The unit is as easy to use as pulling the trigger, a quick push on the first button switches the unit on as it has the nice auto off system built into it.Really handy when your brain is miles away.

I found it best to zap the hedge near to my target instead of the animal or post or rock.As the bigger are gives a far better reading. In the wet and the wind which we have had a lot of over the last few months.



The ocular and the objective with laser port. Make this a very nice unit to use, and, the adjustable eye piece allows you to sight in on your target from around 12 feet right out to 1000+ yards, this pic is the hillside opposite my home and is 600 yards away,


And as you can see it ranged it fine, now earlier I mentioned the dark, now what a range finder does is pulse a laser beam out and records how long it took to go there and back, simples the problem for years was the display, most were LCD which is great for day time, but like a calculator useless at night, that is until the full function of OLED has been crafted to a fine enough caliber.You see the original OLED display was founded in the 1960, but having something the size of a plate glass window to carry around defeats the object.


With the carry strap point just underneath and it’s very robust construction it partners up with the hunter perfectly out in the fields.

Now unlike some units I have played with this one claims +/- 1mtr and it is spot on, down the range its a measured 30 and 50 yards I use for zeroing practice and the unit gave half a yard or only 18 inches difference over the several tests I ran.

From the keep pushing the button to the ping in rain and different sun levels, it still remained those few inches out. with 9/10 times reading the same from prone kneeling and standing pings.

Now some of you will be thinking 18 inches is a lot, to put that in context,


From the 2 orange lines is my main zero for the 22 rimmy,so 28 yards to 50 is dead on only needing a tad of hold over from 50 to 85 so for a range finder being 18 inches out once in a while wont make a scrap of difference to your shot.

With a recommended retail price of  £199.00 for a 1000 yarder is a cracking bargain.

Please pop by and see the other great products MTC do as you wont be disappointed with the range.

Kind thanks to the guys at MTC and Daystate. Now guys we have had an issue,Its fell in my kit bag and won’t come out. hahaha..

2015-10-14 14.28.50



MTC site here.