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A review of 2 halves, Rob has his view and Greg has his, but together you get a double whammy of an article.

This is the O-light Javelot hunting kit, it retails for £125.00 and is avaliable here. Link:     

Please watch the video as that shows the review results.


The O-light M20SX Javelot Hunting Light Kit.

Here at The Countryman’s Diary magazine we are always being sent all sorts of products to test and review, some good and well some are a could do better, many not even making it to being worthy of my time to put pen to paper, for The Ole Hedge Creeper is known for a Gentleman’s hand shake for my word is my bond as binding as any contract, I don’t mince my words either for what’s the point saying something works when it does not, like I say it has to do what it says on the tin for me, its no good saying an air rifle shoots fifty yards and kills with a 5p grouping when all its capable of is half of that, also I don’t care how much people offer me to say what they want me to say, keep your coin I say, for my words cannot be purchased for untruthful means like I have seen over the years in others articles that have been smoke screened, so I will tell you this if I say it or write I mean it.

Recently I and Greg the other half of The Countryman’s Diary were asked to put this lamp from Olight through its paces, Greg testing out down in Cornishshire, myself testing it in Gods Country the County of Somersetshire, where the apples are as sweet as our fine maids and the cider makes you smile, oh and were the best at making cider and cheese too we even have a place called Cheddar to prove it. The light in question is the Olight Javelot M20SX Hunting Set so read this one and Gregs below and make your own mind up.


I don’t write technical articles its not because I cant it’s just they bore the living daylights out of me, this weights this that does that its made of this, ahhhhhh does it work does it do the job in hand is all I care about and is it worth my hard earned coin, so Greg may get more technical I wont, so here is a basic run down of the kit in the box.

Lamp with belt clip for if you want to use it has a hand held torch, the torch itself is a white light, with 3 filters Red/Green and Blue, a thumb pressure on and off switch that mounts to the stock etc using Velcro sticky patches supplied and some O rings for when the others wear out or needs replacing, and heavy magnet mount for attaching the lamp to the gun barrel etc, oh and a rechargeable battery 3.7v battery NO CHARGER.


As many know I run a Professional Pest Control Company specialising in Agricultural pest control, the first job I took this light on was a rat clearance job in a grain barn and put it on my Air Arms S410 air rifle, the magnet clipped very well onto the air chamber and was quite sturdy, the pics did not come out very good as the dust particles kept clouding the lens of the camera etc, I found the red filter for the light to be the best for this job as the light reduction was quite noticeable through the light and the others being a touch too bright even when adjusting the power, its very easy to hit what I have come to call the disco function on this light and the rats become disco rats as the strobe light kicks in, none the less after a bit of getting used to the light performed quite well even though I found it a little fiddly.

The next job I was called in on was a fox hanging around a lambing shed, I found the shot gun to be the best for close quarter work like this, I mounted the magnet onto the barrel and it held very strongly indeed, Ole Charlie fox did not turn up whilst I was there, for this job I used the blue filter as the red was too dark and not enough light and the white too bright, the green I was saving for the 223 on a job I had coming up, the blue filter worked very well for shot gun killing range, farmer said does it hold when you shoot the gun so we tried a couple of shots and the lamp never moved, I found that you have to set the power of the lamp before you head off hunting, for changing between the powers or indeed the strobe a little tricky and indeed blinding.

I got called out to a job where the foxes were killing lambs in the lambing fields, I thought this was a good test for this lamp, one because the use of night vision here is always tricky with the ambient light around and it mists out etc a lot, so I opted for the green filter this time, green is and has been my favourite colour filter for a lamp no for two decades, And one reason now why my Night Master Venom green pill lamp goes everywhere with me as back up.

I tried the white light and could just about make out eye shine of the sheep around the 200 yards mark, experience told me they were sheep a novice would not be able to tell, nor would I take a shot at that range or any other unless I was a 101% sure of my target let alone back stop especially with this torch, I put the green filter on and looked through the scope, this told a whole new story I could clearly identify my quarry at 200 yards and see all back stops etc, the white light came over as a bit misty so I stayed with the green filter, oh before I forget the filters don’t stay on so well so carry some tape to stick them on or you will be back tracking looking through the grass Iike I did a couple of times, I saw Tom Foster the Olight man in Ireland whilst I was at The Great Game Fairs Of Ireland recently and told him my findings too.

Back to the hunt, I caught site of a fox coming from the North end of the lambing paddock so I headed her off, she came round on the wind just where I had tracked her the day before, I dropped my trigger sticks mounted the 243 and put the lamp on with green filter on full blast, the vixen took no notice of the green filter what so ever, she singled out a lamb all on its own right in the middle of the flock, I whistled loudly and shouted to try and stop her running in she took no notice of me at all, she stopped 20 yards from the lamb almost on point ready to make her last charge from the edge of the bottom of the big bank, but too late The Ole Hedge Creeper had already got her in my sights as I administered a lead aspirin to the engine room that dull sweet thumb echoed across the valley as she dropped stone dead.

I breathed easy for a moment knowing that big dog fox was not too far away, I was right a little while later he came over the top of the big bank right where I had seen him sunning himself a couple of days before, I stalked round on the wind climbing up the hill side of the lambing paddock just a little to the wind was coming right at me away from him, he circled around the far end of this big paddock trying to come round on the flock of ewes and lambs looking for a weak lamb all out on his own.

He stopped for a pee at around a 160 side on to me, again he took no notice what so ever of the green filter, I have seen this many times especially when they are not lamp shy from the light sabre brigade, too late my ole cocker for I administered a lead aspirin to him before he could finish his last pee, the sound of that sweet distinct thump of an engine room shot floated back to me on the wind as the big dog fox fell tight on the spot, the farmer who had heard the shots came along to see how I was getting on, to say he was smiling like a Cheshire cat was an understatement as he shook his fist at the two dead foxes, he obliged me by taking these pics here in this article.


This lamp from Olight is a little fiddly it does take some getting used too and in places I would say its on the could do better list, but in many ways its not bad, I think its a poor show not putting the battery charger in with the kit something I have advised them to add, the price £125.99 hmmmm I would say was a little steep for this kit, although it does what it says on the tin in a fiddly way, I don’t think the quality is there for the price considering something like a Night Master Venom does all this is a top quality product and is at least £20 cheaper, for me I would price this kit at no more than £85 as a good all round starter kit, but read Greg’s article take a look at the product and try one for yourself.

If you would like to send us your products for a field test then please get in touch, but remember its got to do what it says on the tin.


By The Ole Hedge Creeper.

All things bright and beautiful.

O-light hunting kit review.

By Greg Willing.


When the guys in Northern Ireland, approached us to review a new torch hunting kit, we said pop it over and it will either get the Diary thumbs up or it won’t.

Tom said via a text carry on, so its taken a while I did a video review and then corrupted the SD card, oops. Greg does it again.

So take 2 and some new SD cards and another clear night, and here we go again, anybody get a feeling of Déjà vu , so Please watch my video as it explains it all.

Right this is the written version of the video, I started at 25 yards, standard airgun range, now the camera is nothing special, it just records what it sees, now there are places in the film where the camera can’t see the eye shine, I can but the camera can’t, on low setting at 25 it couldn’t, at 60 even medium wouldn’t show up but I could still see it, now here lies the issue, the human eye is a miracle of nature from seeing mere inches away from your nose to thread a needle to spotting a fox at 500 having a poo by the bramble patch.

So our eyes can also adjust for light as well as distance and we do it so fast and so subconsciously we don’t even know its happened..

So trying to explain from a video to paper how I can still see a beam of light when the camera can not is hard, but here goes, the torch has 3 power settings, low medium and high, it is adjusted via a blue button on the side of the rear end of the torch, the main power button is at the very rear.

So here is how it went, at 25 yards low medium and high were all good, high was too much medium and low worked great,

At 40 yards this is air limit and start of rimfire ranges, all good, now I know from my 1st test that the filters work very well, if the only complaint is they are a bit on the loose side, or if you point the torch on the ground you will be looking for a filter, It seems rob has the same issues so must be a small design flaw overlooked by the factory.

Now we get to 60 yards out, to put that in perspective, most road signs are 50 yards from the junctions, so its a good distance, medium range for rim fire starting on Centre fire ranges and beyond.

Please look at this junction image 60 yards would be well over the wall under the red line at the far end.

But as you can see 50 yards is a fair distance, so at 60 the O-light which goes by the name Javelot is doing well its only rated just over 800 lumens so no star wars moments here.

So the camera can not see it on low as I can with the naked eye, you might be able to make out medium and can still see high, Now for those that have cheated and watched the movie before the book shame on you, For those that are reading this first you will find in the video I’ve put the Javelot up against my favourite torch the cluson MG125 which is now fairly old as torches go, and it still does its job.

So the surprise is my cluson is keeping up, and doing it with out saying a word.

Now I know many readers read reviews and the person doing the review goes on about how great it is, and wonderful and how shiny it is and the rest of the paid product review bull that’s about. but we are the Diary, and we shall say it again we do it for an honest review. If it don’t make the cut it gets cut out.

So we are now at 100 yards the magic figure, can I still see to shoot, well yes I can we have an issue, quarry ID, now is that a fox looking back at me or farmer Jones Moggy, Well I know through the scope the light will be magnified and enhanced so yes you would be able to ID it and shot, if I was using open sights or a low power scope I might be in trouble, you see the box says 350 meter beam, and here lies a rub, the beam might well travel that range, but its sold as a hunting kit.

So sadly its lost points for claimed distances and its lost some for the fly away filters, so what does it gain points for, a very nice box, abs plastic, black foam inserts, 3 nice filters even if you need some tape, a torch that can take a long 18650 battery or 2x 123 batteries, nice idea,oh on of the most sturdy mag mounts I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ahh but there’s another rub, scopes are not made of steel so not magnetic, oh and most moderators aren’t either, so its under the barrel or maybe on a steel scope mount. But it does do its job, rubber coated and easy to use.

I do like the side button for power settings, nice idea.!

So we have a torch 14 cm or 5.5 inches long and an inch or 25mm diameter lens its a nice product in the grab and go case everything is all in the box, bar a vital item and that’s a battery charger.

You need one unless you already have one, the little cluson came with one, this should they sell them on site as an extra purchase, Its like buying a car and wheels are an extra.

So would I recommend this product yes, its well made nice layout, has everything you need to go hunting, as its sold as a hunting kit, so is it worth its asking price, sadly no £125.00 for the kit is a bit steep, if it had filters that fitted, and a charger and did the full 350 meter claim, yes, currently what’s in the box should retail around 75 to 85 pounds.

Pleaser watch the attached videos, please pop over to O-light following the link below the do other great products and you might find the one for you.

Countyman’s score 8.5/10 .

Please follow this link for sales.Link:

Many thanks to the staff at O-light.